World health day has been organized today all over the world with the slogan of Urbanization a great threat in providing health facilities. The events will be organized worldwide during the week of 7 – 11 April 2010.
The global goals of the campaign are:
1000 cities: to open up public spaces to health, whether it be activities in parks, town hall meetings, clean-up campaigns, or closing off portions of streets to motorized vehicles.
1000 lives: to collect 1000 stories of urban health champions who have taken action and had a significant impact on health in their cities.

Healthy Condition In Pakistan

Today world health day have been celebrated in all over the world including Pakistan and this day starts a new debate in the world that increase in urbanization is making hurdles in providing health facilities to the people. In Pakistan rising inflation affected badly on peoples lives and majority of them are living beyond the poverty line. Health facilities is the right of every individual and its state responsibility to provide all the health facilities to people but unfortunately in Pakistan people are away from the basic rite also, health sector is the most neglected sector in Pakistan and people are facing worst condition and living in such a country where health problem provided by state are not satisfactory.
In Pakistan health sector is divided in private and public and people will get health facilities according to their status. The condition of government hospital is worst. No proper health facilities have been provided in such hospitals. A government hospital of Pakistan seems to a place with out rules. Lack of trained staff, lack of funds, Lack of Proper monitoring, lack of professionalism, Low salary of doctors, Unhygienic condition, incapable doctors who get their degrees by purchasing seats and giving bribe in government medical colleges and much more. All such things contribute much in declining condition of government hospitals. Government hospitals have every thing but no planning, no monitoring and lack of non serous attitude of government towards providing health facilities to the people. According to Pakistani government poor and middle class people are use less and are not that much important so that proper health facilities should be provided to them. Difference in Pakistani society contributing much in destruction of our institutional structure. There is lack of funds in government hospitals but it’s not like that government hospitals have no facilities and funds so that they could improve and maintain the standard. Fund can be the reason of hurdle for providing facility to people but it is not the cause of worst condition which people are witnessing in such hospitals. What is missing in our government institution is Supervising and fear of check and if government will start monitoring all government hospitals for improvements than they will be the best for providing health facilities at affordable price to every sector of citizen and such differences can be over come.
In Pakistan private hospitals are beyond the limits of even upper middle class also and they are unaffordable at all. Although there are also cases of negligence by doctors and staff but they are heard and being solved on immediate basis not like government hospital that if x-Ray machine is not working so it will not be repaired and remain the same it’s just because of the non serious attitude of our government.
Health condition can be improved in Pakistan but for that what is needed are proper planning and policies and attitude to improve government institutions and desire of government to provide best health facilities to the people. After all it’s the need and right of every individual and it is the most neglected sector in Pakistan.
Urbanization also making hurdles in providing health facilities to the people. Pakistan is a third world’s country and now -a- days in state of war also and we are facing worst financial crunch due to on going war on terrorism. For improving our institutions we have to control the rising population which now become a curse for all of us and due to that we are facing problems which are now become unsolvable. Although private hospital condition are also not up to the mark and in recent day so many patients lost their lives in private hospitals due to negligence of doctors and medical staff despite of paying so much high charges for treatment. The thing is that our health policy should to over look and special efforts should be done for providing proper health facilities to every Pakistanis and for improving the condition of hospitals and for removing the differences of government and private hospital.

3 comments on “WORLD HEALTH DAY, TODAY

  1. Dr. Ahsan says:

    Nicely written. Its the job of the Health Deptt. to regulate everything from top to bottom.

  2. waqas says:


    Excellent cause and pick of the issues. Good job done dear

  3. iwan3004 says:

    achieve a healthy world….

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