Swat, The heaven of Pakistan previously this area was called the Switzerland of Pakistan because of its beauty and hospitality of people. People are still hospitable in this area but now due to on going war on terrorism the people of the northern areas are suffering from severe mental trauma and physiological disorders. Although the IDPs have went back to their towns but still the life of the people have not returned to normal routine. The destruction of their homes and villages and death of their loved one by the hands of Taliban’s have severely affected on mind of every individual living in these conflict zones.
“We suffer many problems. There is no infrastructure and limited means of earning a livelihood. But our mental state and the constant sense of despondency or fear is more crippling than anything else
“We worry the Taliban will return and the persecution will start again”. Hamid a resident of swat lamented.
People are going through physiological disorder because all the destruction have affected so badly on our mind that now its become very hard for the peaceful people of this land to bear the reality that we are living in such an area where any thing is possible at any time. People of this area have witness blood, terror, brutality since last few years. Army has controlled Taliban movement to some extend but still there is a fear that they will return one day and makes the life hell for people. The thing which conflict areas people want more is counseling, help from the physiologists so that the state of terror which they are facing can be cured and the fear which makes a permanent place in their minds and life should be washed out. Beside controlling Taliban’s it’s the duty of government to sent more and more doctors to these areas where war is under way so that the affected people get some relief and support and learn the capabilities of facing such a situation strongly.
I can only wish that swat and other conflict zones areas should become safer place again and the trauma which the area people are facing should be controlled and they should start the life once again in the same way as it was before.

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