Load shedding will be finished by the end of 2009. This was the verdict given by Raja Pervaiz Ashraf the minister of water and electricity. His promise of eliminating load shedding from the country can not be fulfilled and people have to suffer and bear the extreme hot climate without electricity. Majority of Pakistanis are now addicting to prolong load shedding hours. The hours of hour shedding have now reached to 16-20 hours daily. Absence of electricity is creating hurdle in daily life of the people. Life of every Pakistani has become hell. People can not do anything due to long hours of load shedding. Absence of electricity is becoming source of destroying the economy of Pakistan. Government seems to be helpless in controlling this extreme situation. Now people are adopting the violent way of expressing their anger but all in vain. The promises made by our government and Ministers are all fake. Some people are of the view that that the load shedding and electricity crises can not be solved until the elimination of corruption from our country and corruption eradication is not possible at all in such a country whose president is so corrupt that his accounts are full from corruption money but he enjoys immunity and no one has the power of asking about his foreign reserves.
In this situation what will be the solution of our problems: they have now become unsolvable. The recent drama of rental power project which is not at all in interest of common man ad it will give more burden to the people due to increase in electricity tariff but if this is not the solution of eradicating load shedding crises than why our government accept it? Because this project is in interest of government they have their due share in it. Our government and our corrupt ministers will be benefited from this failed project.
Now the Minister of Water and Electricity trying to convince people about the fail rental power project which has been rejected by Asian Bank also giving. His statements aim is to fool the people who are already bearing the burden of inflation.
Electricity tariff is increasing on monthly basis despite of the long load shedding hours and people are paying huge and hefty bills for load shedding. Is this we called democracy and if this is democracy than sorry we the common man of Pakistan does not want it at all. Load shedding is affecting on lives of every one, whether its student, patient, young or old no matter. Matriculation exams are going on and student are studying in the candle light because majority of us can not afford UPS and generators so the sources of light remains for majority of Pakistanis are candle light. Candles have now become a necessary item of every household and with it we Pakistani can not survive. Bearing extreme climate with out light is some thing different and people are bearing it some how but they can not bear the destruction of business which are on the way to shut down because of prolong load shedding hours. Bossiness has badly been affected in over Pakistan so many factories have been shut down who can not afford the stand by generators to run there factories.
What’s the solution of electricity for a nuclear country whose nuclear reserves also are not able to contribute the share in solving this problem? Pakistan can not be able to progress until the solution of electricity crises which is becoming worst after every passing day. It seems like we are returning to the ancient age when there was no electricity. We can only hope that we should over come the electricity crises as soon as possible and should start generating electricity from natural reserves like coal can be useful resource in generating electricity because due to shortage of water we will not be able to generate it from this natural reserve. We can only hope for the best and can pray that our government can find the solution for this terrible problem and one of the biggest social issue of Pakistan.


  1. Rana Ahmad says:

    Only admonishing will not assist the territory, we should trial to join on affirmative matters and work simultaneously for the building of our homeland at one-by-one level. Differences of any kinds between the persons should not become an obstacle in the way of a harmony amidst us.

  2. Rizwan says:

    Well, As this article had been posted here ON APRIL 12, 2010 AT 7:46 AM but I am here to tell you all that PAKISTAN is now Progressing towards Electricity field and Govt. is investing in this field, Shortfall has decreased to Just 2000~3000MW Where as total Demand in Summers is 16000 and Generations Capacity is round about 13000MW which was 4000 to 4200MW last year (2009). New Power Management Policy helps alot which includes that all shops, markets and Banquet Halls (except Pharmacies and Bakeries) will be closed till 8pm. Also Some CNG Stations will also remain close for 24 Hours randomly in all four Provinces and Divisions step by step.
    Where as I think Public is also involved in increasing this crisis, We are using unwanted electric appliances which on other hand has increase in Bills and load on NATIONAL GRID. So I request to all PAKISTANI’s that we are UNITE and we all have to solve this problem so please use electricity just for your important tasks!

    Out of all, Don’t criticize PAKISTAN, Pakistan is the Fort of Ialam and we are its Guards!

    *********PROUD TO BE PAKISTANI*********
    *********PAKISTAN ZINDABAD*********
    *********PAKISTAN TABINDABAD*********
    *********PAKISTAN PAINDABAD*********

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