Renaming of NWFP province has proved violence and it’s becoming cause of riots among different identities and races. When the new name was adopted as Khyber Pakhtoon Khawan it raises the identity problem. Hazarwal living in the province are demanding for a separate province so that they can feel their identity. The situation took a violent turn when people were protesting and due to police brutal behaviour several people get injured and casualties also reported in the demonstration against renaming of NWFP province. Government even doesn’t realize that the renaming will affects so badly and Hazara people will react in such way.
Hazara has produced seven chief ministers, but no Pakhtoon-dominated district or region has ever agitated so violently, although the ANP could have easily played a role in sparking ethnic disharmony in the province. So why such an outburst from a people accepted very much as sons of the frontier soil?
The residents of Hazara have never before had any policy difference with the rest of the province. The developments of the last 10 days appear to have been scripted much earlier. Due to lack of confidence we are facing this ethnic situation.
People of Hazara are of the views that with the new name our identity has been affected and seems like this province only belong to Pakhtoons but we the Hazarwal also have the right to have a separate province. We don’t want to live any more in such a province which name represent the identity of single race we want a separate province for people of Hazara. This is a demand of people of Hazara.
But the question is that who is behind revoking the emotions of Hazarwal on the name of ethnicity. This is all because of our Dirty Politics and rivalry between the political parties of the country. Our so called political parties can do any thing for their interest.
Government should consider the name of NWFP once again because separate province is not the right decision at this crucial moment when the country is facing so many problems? Instead of making a separate province our government should consider the renaming of NWFP again and suggest such a name in which no one emotion, sentiments and identity get affected.
Hazara people are violent on the causalities occurs in last two days, controlling the situation in violent manner was not the solution. This conflict could be control by negotiation but due to lack of planning our government fail to control the situation in peaceful manner. If separate province will be given to Hazara people than it will give rise to a new debate of need of more provinces in Pakistan. All separate races will start demanding for a new province and once this once will be raised than it will become hard to control such situation. Pakistan is ruled by corrupt and incapable government and politicians and they are facing so many problems in distributing resources in four provinces and the provinces are always fighting on the rights so just imagine that what will happen if new province will be formed. Pakistan will become weaker and will be divided on the name of races and languages.
The problem of NWFP renaming should be solved by adopting the confidence building measures and in taking confidence on Hazara people and by assuring the Hazara people that their identity, culture, tradition will remain the same and it will not get affected.

3 comments on “HAZARWAL AT PROTEST

  1. Pretty interesting post to read it in my view. I have a question, why don’t you add that post to social media? That should bring pretty big traffic to this article.

  2. What do you think about adding some more illustrations? No offence, content is really great. Just as I know humans acquire information much more efficient if they see certain useful pics.

    Lenny Swift

  3. nasir says:

    i want to tell u something. we have produced leaders at the national level. we are giving sacrifices for pakistan. but we never got our rights. provincial government is getting 9 billion ruppees in royality of terbella dam, my question is wht part of that royality they are spending in hazara?
    why anp in whole history is unable to grab even a single seat from hazara? why ppp faces defeat from hazara? because we are from right wing.
    but now people wants control over their resources. and it will be good for the federation to divide these provinces into small and manageable provinces for better administration.
    it will create harmony, not disintegration.

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