Obama’s Nuclear Summit AND FEAR BEHIND IT


50 heads of the states were gathered in Washington to discuss that loose nukes are bad and how to stop the ongoing expanding nuclear arms race in the world. This was the largest summit of its kind after 1947. Obama was of the view that nuclear race can be control and nuclear asserts could be protected from the dangerous terrorist group Al Qaeda and other terrorist elements if all the countries follow the Treaty of Nuclear Non-Proliferation. This can contribute a lot in controlling the threat of terrorism from the world and will also contribute in America safety. This summit discuss a lot of things and according to the summit America fear about Pakistan Nuclear asserts that they are not in the safe hand has been released. But as a Pakistani I just want to ask America that why they don’t trust us and always raise question about the safety and security of our nuclear asserts and we are the one who blindly trust the American head of the state and this is the reason that we are the most important ally of America in the ongoing war of terrorism. Pakistan suffered a lot from terrorism but instead of that also we have the capabilities’ that we can protect our nuclear asserts and they are in safe hands. Other than that this summit was a great effort for controlling the expending nuclear asserts and for discussing things with so many countries. Pakistan is the only country in the world on which people raise fingers about the safety of our nuclear arms and ammunition but why no one raise fingers on India. This is a country who is a continuous treat of Pakistan because India is not following any treaty of nuclear nonproliferation and keep on extending its nuclear asserts without any objection from super powers. People of Pakistan want America to be a mediator between Pakistan and India but how it will be possible when America is following the policy of difference between the both countries and not showing trust on Pakistan. In my point of view everything is possible we can control this nuclear race, we can control terrorism but for that super powers have to eliminate the behavior of differences and diplomacy with Pakistan because if it will continue that how we will get success in war on terrorism. America should support and trust Pakistan whole heartedly because we are going through a crucial face of terrorism we are the most suffered nation. On almost every day basis innocent lives have been lost in suicide bombs and other terrorist activities. We also want peace and for that we want the world to show trust on us and support us and do not raise finger in such a way that it affect our sovereignty and stability. But this summit gives a chance to the world to overcome the fears about Pakistan nuclear asserts and to show trust on Pakistan that our asserts are in safe hands and no terrorist group can reach to it and we are not in race of expanding our nuclear asserts and Pakistan has a capability to guard its asserts open handedly without any one support.

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