The long awaited report of UN on Bhutto murder has finally come in lime light. According to the UN report death of Bhutto was due to the security lapse. Proper security was not being provided to the caravan of BB and it result in her assassination. The report made no definitive judgment as to who was behind the plot to kill Ms. Bhutto, nor did it resolve the precise cause of her death, which occurred after a 15-year-old suicide bomber detonated his payload. But, “No one believes that this boy acted alone.” No new thing was included in the UN investigative report because of the lack of evidence. The report has calm down all the conspiracy theories regarding the involvement of President Zardari in the murder of his wife Benazir Bhutto and he has been declared innocent from this case. The much awaited UN report has not provided new facts and figures because of non-availability of post-mortem reports and all evidence was washed out from the place of attack and no one knows that who was responsible for washing the place when the investigation has to be started. The report has claimed that lack of security was the cause of BB murder which gives the chance to Baitullah Massod to fulfill his evil design of killing the first Muslim lady prime minister of the world. Now the report has been revealed and it claims that no further investigation has been required in BB murder case because all the facts have been provided and this case has been closed now. But people are not satisfied from this report it seems like some thing is missing in finding the real cause of BB assassination. People want to know that why the attack place was washed out so soon and what is the real cause of BB murder. Is Baitullah Masood is the only culprit in this tragic incident or he was backed by some other powers these are the unanswered question and now the report has been presented which was the last hope for catching the real culprit involved in BB murder. People are hopeless and do not want to believe on the verdict and investigation which was presented in the report. They only say that God knows who killed Bibi and who is behind all the plan made for her murder. And all these questions will always remain unanswered and that’s we all know but atleast the so-called formality of finding the assessed behind her murder has end on UN report.

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