Imran Khan, a cricketer turn philanthropist turn politician. He is the inspiration for majority of Pakistani youth and they wall want to see Imran Khan as the future prime minister of Pakistan. The emotional but patriotic chairman of Tehrik-e-Insaf wants Pakistani youth to have faith of them so that this country can witness change. While speaking from the youth generation he asked youth that Pakistan is passing through a crucial time just because we have no law in this country. The corrupt people are ruling the country so in this way what will be the future of Pakistan. If we want Pakistan to progress so for that we need revolution and this can only be done by new generation. We have to get rid of these feudal lords who think that Pakistan is their private property and only they have the right to rule. The new generation has to do something for this country we have to work together and by following the principles of Quaid-e-Azam we have to lead Pakistan on the way of progress and stability. Revolution is the only solution of getting rid of these corrupt people who are looting the national treasure and leading Pakistan toward destruction. Only youth have the power and capability to get rid of such people who are now become nuisance for whole nation. We are the independent nation and we want our sovereign back, we have our say, we know that what is good for us and what is bad but the thing is that we have to realize that Pakistan need the young blood, the need generation and we have to prove ourselves. Imran Khan has been criticized by our politicians because whatever he says is right but these corrupt people criticized him and use worst language for him. As a youth all in can say that he can bring change in Pakistan if he get a chance to become a prime minister and young generation want him to serve as a country leader but this thing is not easy he has a small party which cannot fight from these experience corrupt people who take Pakistan as their hereditary country.This country has experience all politicians so why Imran Khan cannot get a chance once to prove himself. The new generation are hopeful that if he will serve the country than we can change, this country can change but for this he has to work really hard and for sake of change and for sake of betterment of Pakistan he has to prove himself.
GOD bless u Imram Khan we are with U

5 comments on “IMRAN KHAN, A YOUTH ICON

  1. haq says:

    ofd course he is great leader and inshaalah hewill bring change . pti zindabad, I.K zindabaad

  2. I'm youth and I'm not with Imran Khan says:

    He is surely going to bring change with the heap of rubbish of various parties……. negative change, infact.

    its a wake up call.

  3. hasan says:

    No doubt , WE ARE WITH KAPTAN ! 🙂
    Wind of Change is blowing corrupt tolaz of Pakistan 🙂
    we will rise rise and rise 🙂

    ready for karachi jalsa !

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