Pakistan youth suffers from elitism and in this way how Pakistan will progress. Pakistani youth have been divided in to different classes and according to their status they perform the duties in society and serve the country according to the capability and capacity and standard of living. The youth studying in Cambridge schools are just following the vision of European country they have no interest in this country and just consider this state as second standard. One of my friend who completed her A levels consider Pakistan as her second home for her and people who have the same mentality just thought Pakistan as worst state and a failed one and just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Elitism is the outcome of the feudal systems that are the ruling class of Pakistan and are holding the 80 percent resources in their hands and wanted to rule this country because according to them they received the leadership of this state hereditary. The youth of Pakistan who are obsessed with elitism are of the view that they just want to follow the values of Europe because according to their view this country has given nothing to them and they considered this state not good for elites.
The youth obsessed with elitism does not know anything about their own country, its tradition, values and even the language they considered as second standard and feel ashamed that their prestige will be affected if they called Urdu as their National language. Such youth are unaware of the happening in Pakistan because according to them we don’t care what even is happening in this country because we have applied already for visa and we will rush from this jungle state as soon when we will get a visa of our dream country which will be according to our status. This what elitism obsessed youth thought?
I really feel bad for elitism obsessed youth because in my opinion they are the complex one they have no identity of their own and they want to find a place in other countries by crushing their identity by compromising on the values just for the sake of elitism which will end at the end of the day.
Such youth by adopting the ways of European nation and by converting their thinking according to the norms of those countries who they preferred remains no where. In my opinion elitism obsessed people are the most complex and they are the one who need sympathies from us.
If we really want to lead this country on the way towards progress than what we have to do is to culminate the feeling of elitism from our youth which is becoming a root cause of complexes. Feeling of patriotism should be enhanced in our youth by giving public service messages and media instead of highlighting the elite culture should portray the real Pakistani culture because media can play a vital role in solving all such problems and retracting the youth of Pakistan from the feeling of patriotism for the country.


  1. umarshehzad says:

    if we want to see the pakistan booming and ruling in future ……..we should do upgrade its status through education…………..this education must have a huge part of islam

  2. Babar Sharif says:

    I am a staunch believer that our youth needs to realize the significance of patriotism. There must be not only a resolve to serve the nation but also the true realization of the essence of patriotism. In my article I have mentioned how and why…


  3. Maham says:

    I completely agree with the teenage concept, yet unfortunately I can sometimes be a part of it.

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