Higher Education has become impossible for a middle class families living in Pakistan. In our country degrees are selling on the name of money. Opening of private universities has paved the way to degree sellers who are charging high prices on the name of education. These private universities are not for all classes they are just for a particular segment of people who can afford these expensive fees. Private universities have enjoys the monopoly on the market and there are so many companies who hire the students of few universities who claim themselves as best on the basis of high fee.
Pakistan is blessed with talent and we are not lack in talent. The student studying in all the best university think that they are the best and they are the best because Allah has given the resources to these students so that they can study in the best universities easily without thinking that from where the money will come.
I give you the example of the best universities in which I applied and I cleared the test, interview everything but due to lack of resources I couldn’t study in the university which I chose for doing my masters in Media Sciences because they were charging 75 Thousand per semester excluding other charges. Here I am talking about Szabist which was founded by Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It is one of the best university and majority of the students dream for it but dreaming is something else because dreams are selling now-a-days. What ever, I am not the only one who faced such situation there are very few students who can afford these universities because they are only for well to do people and not for a common man. This is due to the rising class differences in our society which is becoming a cause of dividing the people according to the status.
In my opinion before dreaming for the University of your Choice you first make a point that whether you can afford it or not other wise you will be really disappointed by witnessing the class difference in our education system. God knows when it will be eradicated and in what way we are leading our country, why the class differences have made its roots so stronger. These all things are not in Islam but we the Muslims are the one who adopt such things and feel pride on them. Atleast differences should be eliminated from the education system and if this thing can not be happen than government universities should be opened which provide the latest education at affordable price but our government will not going to eliminate the differences because they do not want equality in Pakistan.

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