Its time for Revolution in Pakistan


Pakistan is the country in which middle class, lower class are grinding in the wheel of every kind of problems. Corrupt governments, cruel ruler who are making the life of common man hell are running the country. Inflation is at peek, terror is every where, and hence we can say that the situation in Pakistan is getting from bad to worst. If we study Pakistani society and condition of its people in detail than we can see the resemblance in Pakistan is almost similar as it was in Europe before the French revolution. Before the French revolution condition of the masses was so worst that the lower class and peasantry revolt against the government and result in Revolution which we use to called a French Revolution.
In Pakistan the masses are the worst affected class from the difference of the government and our problems are rising which result in anti social activities.
Have we ever notice that what is the real cause behind terrorism and why the situation has become so worst that now terrorism has become a global issue and the whole world is affected by this nuisance.
In my point of view social problems contribute much in revoking the feeling of aggression inside the person which later on results in terrorist and other violence activities. Pakistan is a country in which no basic facilities are available to the poor or middle class and they are the one who run the society.
In Pakistan its time for a revolution against corrupt people who are holding the resources of whole nation in their hands and leading Pakistan towards the way of destruction.]
Revolution is the only solution left with us if we really need change in society and want solution for our problems. Our youth should think that when we will get rid of our problems which are becoming worst on daily basis. In my opinion revolution is the only solution for improving the condition of our people and taking back this country from hands of corrupt.

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