The 72nd death anniversary of poet of East Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal would be observed today with utmost respect. Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal died on 21 April 1938 at the age of 60.
Allama Iqbal is thought to be a Sufi poet of modern age. Formation of Pakistan ideology is one of his great achievements as a politician that he presented in 1930, the same ideology resulted in independence of Pakistan. Even he died before independence of Pakistan but he is considered national hero of Pakistan.
Allam Iqbal the man who was the first one who dreamt for a separate homeland for Muslims so that Muslim can live independently according to the teaching of Islam.
In Pakistan we don’t have enough information about our national heroes who struggled for the independence of Pakistan and this is the reason that why we are so far behind.
Majority of our people will not be aware that today is the death anniversary of Allam Iqbal.
Today I asked from a school student that you know who was Iqbal? He replied with a smile on his face he said are you talking about Iqbal Khan the Indian Actor but he is alive. His reply surprised me but despite of that I inform him that if we are living in this country so it’s because of his dream which he saw years before independence. Than he what ever he is no more with us so why you just want to tell me each and everything about him I am not interested. This reply evoke my anger and I want to slap him on his face but I control myself after he is a child and it was not his mistake and for all this we should blame our parents who are not bother to tell us about our national heroes.
When I reached office and I file a short story about Iqbal one can not imagine that what my colleague asked me, he is above 50 and his question astonished me, he asked “You think Iqbal was a good person”. He further said I have heard that he was an Alcohol; Addict and a killer of a prostitute”. I was just looking at him with due anger because that what I can do and I told myself to Cool down and my heart was saying Oh! My God his question was like a bullet on my head because these illiterate people who are working in newspaper are passing comment about Iqbal in such a way just on the basis of rumors.
This what the mentality of all Pakistanis we are the one who are judging people on deeds and personal life and we are insulting our national heroes in such a way. I just simply told him Sir for me he was like an angel and I am not bother to hear any bad things about him but the last thing I told him was that, sir you should go and study the history of Pakistan and then I walked away.
I was like so depressed that why we Pakistanis are judging people on the basis of rumors, and our fore fathers are also not saved from our harth.
On this basis I hate the people who assume the character and deeds of people and make the life of others heel and I think we all are helpless in changing such rubbish mentality.
For me, Allam Iqbal is like a man who saw the dream and Pakistan foundation was laid on basis of his dream but he died earlier before seeing fulfillment of his dream. I think being a philosopher he was aware of the mentality of Pakistanis and don’t want any one to point fingers on him so that’s why Allah has given time to him because Allah doesn’t want his best people getting.
He is our heroes and how will remain our heroes forever.
His achievements can not be explained in words but some of his few book from which we can enlighten ourselves are Bang-e-Daar, Baal Jabreel, Zarb-e-Kaleem and Payam-e-Mashriq are some of his great books But the last thing I want to request from the my country people is that we should aware the masses and our coming generations about the achievements of our national heroes and stop spreading rumors about these great people because these things we are diverting the attention of our future generation on artificial heroes which they are seeing on glamour screens. Media should play its role in highlighting the achievement of our fore fathers and for evoking the feeling of patriotism by delivering the correct information.


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