Career counseling is really important for youngsters so that they can easily decide that in which way they have to lead their future. In Pakistan we the youngsters are so confused that what we have to choose for our career and in which way we have to lead. This is all because of lack of counseling available in our universities. In very few universities counseling is available other wise all the students graduating are totally unaware that what they have to do latter in their future and in which way they have to lead their careers. So, this is the reason when all graduate holding the degrees in their hands are totally blank and than they think that what we do now and this create problems for achieving their goals on time and sometime result in aggression. Career counseling should be made part of every university school colleges to guide the students that in which way they have to lead their future and what profession will suit them.
When I did my graduation I was so confused that what I should do, where should I apply and this situation is so torturing when you are not finding a way to lead your life and career. This is the responsibility of all universities and colleges to appoint counselor and make them an essential member of all educational institutions. It is the duty of government also to open counseling centers and provide facilities to all youngsters free of cost. Arrange seminars and special events for youngsters so that they should get the platform to express all the confusion and get the way to lead their lives in a proper way and help them in choosing their careers according to their education and interest. But I have seen so many people who are studying some thing really different from their interest and due to that later in future they face difficulty because when you are studying some thing else and want to do some thing else than you just get into trouble and in this situation finding a way is not at all easy.
So career counseling is something really essential for the grooming of the youngsters and for guiding them in an organized way.

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