Lack of tolerance level is rising in Pakistanis due to increase in crisis in every walk of life but before going in detail for finding the cause that why we have become so intolerant we should know first that what tolerance actually means.


The power or capacity of an organism to tolerate unfavorable environmental condition.
• permissiveness: a disposition to allow freedom of choice and behavior
• the act of tolerating something
• willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others
• allowance: a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits
In Pakistan we the common man are now become so frustrated from our way of life, social problems, energy crisis, rising inflation, crime, terrorism, uncertainty and what not that we have forget the ways of coping together with so many problems. The common man is grinding in a wheel of social problems and due to that the aggression and frustration is the natural outcome which later on results in intolerant behavior and paved the way for a disorganized society and nation.
On almost every day we are hearing the news of one killed, two killed on some dispute or quarrel have we ever think that why we can not tolerate quarrels and wanted to kill that person who is against our point of view. This all situation is rising because of the stereotype which we have set for certain communities, races on the basis of our opinion and this something really bad and this is becoming a cause of rising intolerant behavior among us.
In Pakistan people are blessed with problems because of incapable government and lack of sincere people, and because of citizens’ non serious attitude towards improving their conditions which result in the complicated life of an ordinary individual. Here we can take the example of public buses which are running on the roads in worst condition but the common man has no choice left rather than to travel in these hell like buses.
I tell you how’s the experience of traveling in the bus.
In Pakistan no bus, stops on bus stops and people are running behind buses to find a place and once they entered the bus you will find over crowded buses no place to sit or to stand but despite of that people have to travel in these busses. Extreme hot, sweat is coming out from every one, tried and hanging like monkeys and when some one pull another person by mistake or in a hurry to rush out from this hell like buses this situation almost every times result in quarrel and abusive language and intolerant behavior. Because in this country the circumstances in which the common man is living has become so worst that no one have the guts to tolerate anything.
In Pakistan situation is really worst and I do understand all the problems after all I am an ordinary citizen of this country whose life is not at all easy in all these situations but we have to be tolerant otherwise it will results in disorganized society and we are leading toward disorganization. Its high time now that we should understand the true meaning of tolerance and learn the tactic’s to handle all the situation with tolerance and this will be helpful in curing so many problems from our life’s.
Media can play an important role in spreading the message of tolerance and building the tolerant culture in Pakistan. It is also the duty of our parents to discourage stereotype and differences and give the lesson of Tolerance to their children and the coming generations of Pakistan. Because its high time now that we should discourage violence, and for this adopting TOLERANCE approach in our life’s is the only solution left with us for avoiding such situation.



  1. zakir says:

    Fantastic. This is one of thevery important issue of Pakistan which need to be addressed.

  2. Maria kanwal says:

    Good essay like it

  3. Anum says:

    i think its a great effort to write about this important issue which is sperading in our society day by day.thanks

  4. noreen ali says:

    this eassy is wonderfull. this is brief overview of intolerance.

  5. taybz says:


  6. nouman says:

    Oye ay ki baqwas likhi ay?

  7. M Yousaf Sani says:

    It is really a deep insight on social evil like intolerance but this essay lacks the references of such incidents where intolerance was exhibited. 2ndly the ratio of intolerance in Pakistan is missing here. rest is great. thanks

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