The two days holidays in a week in Pakistan to save the energy and dealt with the energy crisis is useless decision and it will not going to affect anything positively. Economy is almost finished in Pakistan and by doing such implementation the government is paving way of weak Pakistan as economy is concerned. Can any one tell me and explain me that how this awful decision will work and how it will be helpful in saving energy. By doing all these stupidity we are making the lazy nation lazier and this concept is totally wrong that from 2 days closure we can save energy. I tell you it would not work because of our life style at holidays. I tell you how we the Pakistanis’ spend our holidays and in this lifestyle saving energy is not possible. Because we can close offices and work places but we can not save energy at homes and in holidays we waste more electricity than as compared to working day.

-We love to sleep on holidays till late and while sleeping the fans, ACs and other electronic items remain open till awake and if we compare this situation from working day than we utilize less electricity why because we have to reach the office at 9 or8 and when we wake up early than we switch off lights, fans, ACs earlier. So, saving electricity on holidays at home is quite impossible for us.

-Electronic item inventions have made the life of man lazy. On holidays we spend half of our time watching news channels, movies and what not. Because of lack of outing culture and outdoor activities people love to stay at home and want to spend all the day unproductive while watching TV and spending more time on Internet. And it is quite obvious when we are at home and its holidays so we watch more TV, children spend their time on video games and computer so in this way how could we save electricity in holidays. It’s not at all possible.

These are just two examples of wasting electricity at home and I can give you many of them, if some one wants. So the decision of 2 days closure of businesses will not be helpful in saving electricity and instead of saving power people will waste more electricity at their homes to spend a wonderful holidays. After all it’s two days.
I can bet that from Friday night we had started wasting more electricity. I give you example of my own house TV was open till late because of holiday on next day and its’ obvious when we sleep late than it will not be possible to awake earlier and to save electricity. So, hence it proved that this decision is awful, useless and it will waste electricity rather than saving and government should stop experimenting such things which have no result in positive and do some practical steps for generating electricity.


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