Banners, posters, preparation for special events, special messages, plays this all for celebrating May Day but despite of all we all are forgetting the real people of this day. The labours who are working in streets, factories, in our homes, every where.
On MAY 1ST just have a look around your surrounding you will definitely find poor labours working on that day despite of a public holiday because they even don’t know that this day is for them.


The thing which I observed in our society is that by celebrating this day we are insulting the real labours because they are even not aware about the importance of that day and we working in offices are really happy on this day that we will have one more holiday to celebrate and in my opinion this day is not for people like us. I only consider labour’ to those who are working with out any deadline no matter how’s the weather is, whether their heath is good or bad they don’t care, and we don’t care even because don’t consider them as humans, they are real labours who are working on streets, roads and even they are working on so called MAY DAY.
By celebrating this day what these labours are getting, special allowances by government, recreational facilities nothing! In my opinion this day is being celebrated to make more fake promises, in special program arranged on that day in which Minister Labour and other prominent personalities will speak to pay tribute to these poor labours meant nothing for them?
An ordinary labour want protection of his live, want proper health facilities, want food but despite of working hard day and night he is getting nothing, not enough money which will be enough for leading a respectable life.
So if we really want to celebrate this day and want to follow the European countries so we should adopt the policies of other countries and nation who value their labour’ and give every kind of right to them without any discrimination.
So, on that labour day our government and so called liar ministers instead of talking rubbish should take some practical measures and labour’ friendly policies should be made and implemented and I am damn sure that if you will provide rights to labours’ than Pakistan will start progressing because they are the real heroes and they want our support. Not days to celebrate. They love to work but in human way and in return they just ask for their rights.


  1. shahbaz ahnad says:

    its a dilema of our history as well our leaders.haves did not want to change their behavior towards have not. they have Alienate themselves from the society.

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