Facebook Fever All Around

175 Million People Log Into Facebook Every Day so this site has now become an addiction.
Social networking sites addiction is rising every where around the globe. But here I will be talking about my country and my people that how we become addicted to facebook and other social net working sites.
The current date will give the little idea of the number of users using Facebook in Pakistan.

Number of users on Facebook in Pakistan: 2 182 800
Number of male users on Facebook in Pakistan: 1 459 200
Number of female users on Facebook in Pakistan: 698 400
Penetration in Pakistan: 1.31 %
Online penetration in Pakistan: 11.8 %
Avarage CPC in Pakistan: $ 0.07
Avarage CPM in Pakistan: $ 0.03
This data show that Pakistan users of social net working sites are increasing on daily basis. Here I am giving you a little idea about people that why they are addicted to this site and their day goes incomplete without visiting facebook and other social networking sites.
This is the ultimate truth that we Pakistanis especially the young generation are now addicted to all the social networking sites especially Facebook is in our top priority because of the improved in its privacy settings and its new ideas and features which are attracting Pakistanis towards it and this is the reason that why the number of users is increasing on daily basis.
I am really not a social person but when I start using facebook and I found my old school, college friends, teachers under one roof after so many years and interaction with them become so easy so this thing clicked me so much that I start using facebook on daily basis. Facebook is also helping me in knowing the different opinions of people without any courtesy and hesitation and the different people opinion is also helping me in getting the new ideas about my up coming blogs. This thing is great I am coming closer to my friends, teachers and all my well wishers so because of this reason now I can say that I am addicted to Facebook and this is true.
I always quote my example in everything because I believe that if you will give your own example for improvement or criticizing someone than your example is best for it because no one can feel bad about it. So, I was saying that why we are addicted to Facebook it’s because of the reason of easy interaction from every one. The life has become so tough and busy that there is no time with anyone to keep visiting friends, relative houses so social net working sites is the best example of connecting from one another and keeping in touch from the people we know.
Hence it’s concluded that facebook and other net working sites are good for interaction and keeping in touch with one another. But these sites are also becoming cause of loss in the business and according to the report if every employee is using social networking sites for even ten minutes than it estimated loss is going in billions. So, the new generation of Pakistan should be aware of the loss also and use all social networking sites in a free time without compromising on studies after all these sites are not important than your career and studies
. So keep using facebook but in limit and stay connected with the world.

One comment on “Facebook Fever All Around

  1. womenworlddiary90 says:

    yes dear you are right facebook is really fever in Pakistan especially

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