TARGET KILLING IN KARACHI. What’s the solution

Life in Karachi city returning to normalcy after the wave of terror and fear that amidst in the city since last three days in which more than 40 precious lives have been wasted and more than 60 people are injured in the recent wave of target killing It must be mentioned here that around 1,500 political activists have lost their lives in the last two years, due to an increase in targeted killing incidents.
The ruling political parties PPP, ANP and MQM are not interested to settle down the dispute calmly and blame game is at peak among MQM and ANP, they both are blaming each other for what ever happening in the city. This is not the first time that they both are doing so but this thing is happening since last two years. In the target killing both the parties activists are being killed but this time the situation has been turned in ethnic violence between Pashtoons and Mohajir and both the parties are responsible for raising violence situation in the city.
Innocent people have been targeted in last couple of days no matter who they were Pashtoons or Mohajirs but the thing which I know is that they were Pakistanis who were only targeted on the basis of political rivalry between ANP and MQM and these two are fighting like animals without caring that all this blame game and rivalry is leading to
Unstable Karachi.
What will be the solution of what ever happening in Karachi? This is such a question no one can answer. This could only be answered by MQM and ANP that when they will stop criticizing each other and stop highlighting the differences amongst them. When they will accept the reality that Karachi is the city of diverse culture and we are all Pakistanis have equal rights on all cities.
Culture, language difference doesn’t matter at all but what I have seen and witnessed that we the Muslims are far behind the teaching of Islam, we are the one who fight from each other on the basis of languages, caste and class and no one can deny this fact that we are not doing that. Status differences are rising in our society which is becoming the cause of all these tensions and fear. But this thing is something else rite now I am talking about Karachi in which people of diverse cultural differences live together and this thing should not be a problem for any one and on the basis of different ethnicity innocent lives should not be targeted.
Government shoulod find a proper solution for all that happening in Karachi and both the parties should find a proper solution for the differences they are facing by peaceful negotiations.

5 comments on “TARGET KILLING IN KARACHI. What’s the solution

  1. Raza says:

    More facts about MQM B)

    MQM Altaf Hussain over all survive on bribes

    MQM Altaf Hussain blackmail the entire businessmen community

    MQM Altaf Hussain is the founder party of terrorism in Karachi

    MQM Altaf Hussain is UK sponsored

    MQM Altaf Hussain believe in grabbing money by all means

    MQM Altaf Hussain survival is only on gun or burn

    MQM Altaf Hussain managed training and promoting the bullet culture in the country

    MQM Altaf Hussain is a mafia which taught negativism among the nation

    MQM Altaf Hussain divided the public opinions through its trained target killers.

    MQM Altaf Hussain has a dark history, which will be continued

    MQM Altaf Hussain is a big threat for International Community

    MQM Altaf Hussain is more dangerous than 9/11 issue

    MQM Altaf Hussain will change the entire global village

    MQM Altaf Hussain help in immigration of its culprits

    MQM Altaf Hussain settles its group of target killers in other countries such as Africa, UK and Canada etc.

    Wake up about MQM Altaf Hussain


  2. It is a painful situation in Karachi that innocent people are being tatgeted and Govt has failed to control the situation. You have rightly raised the issu but no is there to understand. Similar articlal is also seen on following link. Please go through it.

  3. subrinaatif says:

    wath the reason of targit killing in karachi.who r responsible

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