PAKISTANIS’ It’s time to get organized

Groom your selves be the best

Pakistani society is engulfed with lots of problem, issues, which are becoming worst with every passing day. Pakistani society and its people’ dilemma can not be understood easily. But here I will try to explain that what actually we are and what kind of society we are living in. Pakistani society could to be the best society of the world, but in only one case if we start following the true teaching of Islam and do not use Islam for our own interest. I think Pakistanis’ are the most tolerant nation, rite now. Because of the problems we are facing but despite of all that we are living a happy life. In a country when there is no electricity, water shortage, lack of public transport, worst health facilities, uncertainty, terrorism, lack of educational facilities, no protection of life and in this situation we are trying to live calmly. When I look upon the other nation who are living in developed countries but still complaining for having no rights then I consider my people the most tolerant. We are facing every kind of problems but I am not saying that we are the best but we can be best if we do little efforts by our own.
We keep complaining about the rising corruption on high level but have we ever notice and analyze that what the common man is doing in his or her life. Are we fulfilling our duties with due responsibilities and sincerity? Are we doing any efforts in changing our society? No, we are not doing anything we are equally corrupt like our so called high level officials sitting on well to do posts but we are doing corruption on low level but the situation is same.
We keep complaining about the rising inflation, bad sanitation condition, and populated environment but for solving all these things what we are doing? nothing we just know how to complain and criticize and this is the basic reason that why we are not progressing.
We are all thieves, corrupt and populated people and now the situation has become so worst.
We are the most corrupted nation and that’s the reality we should not escape from it let’s start from mosque. In Pakistan when people go to mosques for prayers then they will return to their homes bare footed. This is the most important dilemma of our people. Instead of concentrating on prayers all concentration are in slippers and shoes this is something really painful that when you are offering prayers and you can not concentrate due to the slippers thieves which are deployed on special duties outside every mosque. In our country special groups and mafia are working on this special task. I must say that if some law should be made against it, and special cell was there to report about the slippers and shoes robbery than on every day basis thousand and thousand of complains will be received. This is something which government is doing we the common man are involved in it. We can change our country worst situation if we stop complaining and start working for our betterment and for the good of our coming generations.
What actually the dilemma of our society is? Is the religion is the hurdle in way of progress or our society values are becoming the barriers or our own deeds are responsible for all the situation we are facing now.
We can change; we can be the best if we stop using religion for our own interest and this we are learning from our religious leaders they are the one who are using religious values for their own interest. Islam is the religious of peace and teaches us love and harmony but we the Muslims haven’t understood till yet that what actually Islam is. This is the reason that why we are not progressing
So Muslim starts leaning the true teaching of Islam and makes your lives the best example for others.

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