America stop protecting Israel’s eveil deeds

Attack on freedom Flotilla a complete violation of International law and UN charter The world is abuzz in anguish against Israel’s military action against the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ of aid ships carrying relief goods for embargoed Gaza. Condemnations are pouring in for this military action for this military action in international waters. The immediate concern of many is about the safety of nationals from nearly 40 countries, including 100 journalists, who were in this relief goods flotilla. These include three Pakistanis – senior journalist and well known TV anchor Talat Hussain , his cameraman Raza Mahmood Agha, and a Pakistani NGO activist Nadeem Ahmed.
This act is an open terrorism from Israel side but the super powers can not see this act an terrorism act in which so many innocent people have been targeted without any reason.
This is high time now that Israel brutality should not be tolerated by the use of Veto power. It’s time for unity of Muslim Ummah and such strong organization should be formed which can protect the right of Muslims all over the world and can give immediate response against the injustice done against Muslims around the world but for that what we need is unity.
Why the world is salient on Israel brutal act why they are not declaring this act an act against terrorism why this diplomacy from America side. Why America always protects Israel interest and hides all its brutal acts and deeds.
I just want to ask that if this things was done by some Muslim countries than what will be America’s response than. He will declare that act an act of terrorism and will do all possible efforts to punish the country involved in it. Just take an example if this thing has been done by Taliban’s than what will be the reaction of the world.
Why everyone is trying to protect Israel why the super powers can’t see the brutality done in Gaza, killing of innocent people why.
All this diplomacy and tolerable behaviour of America is creating hatred against America and he does not understand that Israel evil’s acts and deeds.
Three Pakistani nationals are missing including prominent journalist Talat husaain.
Pakistani government responded so late but thank God the government confirmed that all three nationals are safe and secure by taking information from Interpole.
Yesterday I realized one thing that we the Muslim countries are not at all united and this is the reason OIC failure, otherwise OIC would have made the strongest organization which can protect the safety and security of Muslims all over the world.
It’s time that all the Muslims should unite under one platform and there is dire need of forming such an organization which can protect the Muslims from every injustice.

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