Karachi will be saved from expected cyclone Phet due to the belief of Karachiites that the city will be saved as always due to the shrine of Shah Ghazi which is located near sea and other corners of Karachi are also protected with shrines of other saints who are the pious people of Allah and due to them no cyclone can destroy Karachi.
“No cyclone will come and hit Karachi Shah Ghazi shrine is there and no cyclone can hit it” said 60 years old Abdul Ghafoor a firm believer of Ghazi shrine.
Phet intensity has been reduced and it’s because of the belief of Karachiites that no cyclone can come to its shores because these shrines are there to protect Karachi and its people from such natural disaster.
Karachi will be protected like always said Aliza, an intermediate student and a firm believer of Ghazi shrines.
It’s just the belief of the people on the saints or some truth is there. Infact I am a firm believer of this speculation that nothing will happen to Karachi and no cyclone will be able to touch the shores. But what I have witnessed in last few days is that people who don’t have a belief on these things are denying this fact and starts fighting from the people who believe. In my opinion we are living in democratic state and we are free to express our thought and ideas in any way and no way has the right to stop us.
This situation I experienced today at my office when I said that no cyclone can come to Karachi due to belief of the people. My co-worker busted on me and starts fighting and wants to impose his thoughts on me and this thing is not possible at all.
“I simply told him I am free what ever I do and I can say anything I want so you can’t change my views and I can’t change yours
I just want to say at last that we should pray that Allah could save Karachi from destruction no matter whatever the reason is. If he is saving us due to the saints shrines like he always do. We should pray at that time because if Phet hits the shores than it will destroy everything.

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