Layari Dilemma

Layari the most violent area in Karachi, in which on every day basis 10 to 12 lives get wasted from the hands of criminal elements working in this area, not working but the area is totally under the control of these groups which are backed by political parties. All the political parties those are in collisions and have the strong hold in Karachi they all are backing the criminal groups in Lyari which have been the nuisance for the layariites and other areas of Karachi. Why government is not able to control the criminal minded people who are creating fuss and violence and making life of people hell by creating fear.
All the groups have their own interest and they all are equipped with arms which have been provided by their supporters and may be they are backed by our political ministers and this can be the reason that why until than no proper action has been taken against these groups. When we are combating war against terrorism in our northern areas for eradicating terrorists element so why the Sindh Government is not launching any operation in layari so that antisocial elements should be drag out from layari which have made their roots so much stronger that they are planning to transfer their negative deeds in their coming generations.
Layari violence is not a new issue but the only question Karachiites are asking till when this violence will remain continue and what is the solution for that.
Operation in Karachi is the only thing left which can return peace in this area and if the criminal groups working in Layari will be eradicated than the number of crimes in the city will also decrease. Political parties should stop backing these criminal groups and should think for providing relief to Karachiites and provide peaceful and secure environment to the people.
Criminal elements should be removed from this area as soon as possible and Sindh Government should act in a serious manner because if will not be controlled now so they will keep increasing like pests and will make this area full of criminals.
PPP the rulling party is not doing any efforts for the rehabilitation of this area although this area and its people always supports PPP but they have done nothing for the progress and development of its people.
Its time that Layariites should demand their rights and stressed should be done on providing all kind of facilities to the area people so that criminal acts can be controlled.

One comment on “Layari Dilemma

  1. questioneye says:

    This certainly belies the pathological attitude of our ruling class with their stakes. They exploit their own people. We should curse them first as they are causing internal colonialism.

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