Karachi the largest metropolis of Pakistan and the backbone of country’s economy is in the state of terror since last few months. Ethnic and Sectarian violence is at peak and no one is able to control this uncertain and violent situation.
On almost every day 10 to 12 lives get targeted, more then dozens of vehicles have been burnt till yet. The parties in coalition doing nothing only giving useless statement and playing the blame game. Infact the situation seems like they are even not aware what actually happening in Karachi and who is responsible for making the situation worst.
MQM, ANP, PPP and now the religious parties are also claiming that their activists are being targeted. If these political parties are not involved in what ever happening in Karachi so question is that who is doing all this? Who is targeting the people belongs to political and religious parties and of different sects? From where the large number of arms are coming?
Karachiites are confused that what actually happening in this city. Is this the sectarian violence, political clash or ethnic war? What ever it is the thing is that people are being targeted, properties are burnt on fire. This all situation have created fear among the citizen of the city. Rumors are speculating for knowing the real cause of killing. Foreign involvement is there or political parties are involved in creating uncertain scenario in city.
What ever the real cause is now its time that government should take strict action against target killing incidence. I am extremely sure that our government is fully aware that who is involved in disturbing the routine life of Karachi.
Pakistan economy is already suffering from on going war on terrorism foreign investment is almost finished and if the situation of Karachi remains the same than economy will badly affected and collapsed. After all Karachi plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy.
It’s not the time for giving statement; it’s time for an action. All these people involved in creating this violent situation should be punished.
If this situation will not be control now so it will lead to ethnic violence. Kyrgyzstan is example is just in front of us. So save Karachi from entering in worst ethnic and sectarian violence otherwise it will be uncontrollable.



  1. syed says:

    I went to shipowners cllege in 70’s the hill behind the cllege was takenover illegally by pathan imigrants,this illegal ocupation was never challenged and allowed to take place.that is the crux of the problem,and it became politically incorect to raise thi issue.

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