Sports can play a vital role in moulding the charter of any nation and for a healthy and peaceful society. South Africa example is just in front of us. The rainbow nation is united and enjoying every move of the kick off football world cup. Excitements, tension, craze in short football fever! They are lost in football no pain, no worries, and no poverty. It seems like no problems every thing is perfect. This is football fever which has given birth to the life of South Africans once again. Looking and feeling the football fever and craze all around in Pakistan one thing which come in mind of all football lovers and players in Pakistan, why not Pakistan football team is so stronger and capable to participate in world cup? When this dream will come true and what are the obstacles in way of our football players and young talent who want to play football, infact they all are crazy for this game. Layari area in Karachi said to be called the place where football freak live, their lives are all for football. They play the best; they all are crazy for football. If this is true so why our football team is so weak. What are the causes?
Let discuss all one by one.
The first and the most important cause are differences created in our society. As I said before Layari is blessed with football talent but due to the social differences and lack of sports department concerned on layari football players this area talent is anguish and they are not getting facilities for grooming their talent. Layari had produced superb talent in past but they are unknown among us because of lack of promotion and sports department interest.
In our country the worst thing is that we don’t take sports seriously and think that it is waste less but in my view if our government will start giving attention for promoting sports at national and domestic level so we could control crime and other anti social activities in which our new generation is taking interest.
We are not lack in talent but the dilemma is that we do not take sports as necessary thing.
We divide our talent on name of caste class and areas. Why Layari talent is not giving importance. Why proper arrangements for their training have not been done. What are the causes for not paying attention to local talent who can give hype to this game?
The only solution is that we should start giving priorities to our talent and we should not underestimate them. At government level steps should be taken for promoting football talent, academies should be formed in which the young generation can get the chance of grooming at low cost or without cost. Special attention should be given to football talent in Layari and football academy with all the facilities should be formed so that our coming generation can find the place for grooming their talent.
If government will start promoting sports at domestic and national level and allocate special funds for promotion of sports facilities so that day is not so far when Pakistan can make a make in sports all around the world.


  1. In Pakistan, any thing can be possible.

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