Attaining ultimate satisfaction is life is not impossible but the question which come in mind of all humans that how we can be the masters in our life. What should be done for satisfying mind? Satisfaction can only be obtained when our mind will be crystal clear and there is no confusion of thought. We the human are very selfish when things are working according to our own will, our own way of style so we remain satisfy and happy but if something went wrong than we starts thinking that why this is happening with us and when this situation come in mind than mind get disturbed and the conflict situation come in front.
Human is born free and do not want to be a slave of anyone’s will and want to lead the life according to the priorities which he has sent for his life and when we find obstacles in living a free life than things went wrong. What to do and what not how to break the chains which are bounding our thoughts and what should be done so that we can lead our life according to our own will.
Dissatisfaction situation usually encounter with youth, when they are in a growing stage and their mind and thoughts are conflicting with each other to reach to the conclusion that that how they will gain the ultimate satisfaction in life what should be done to realize as soon as possible that what actually we want and what are the causes of confused and distracted thoughts. This conflict situation usually happens. I should narrate my experience there I experience this situation when I am experiencing confused thoughts. According to my view this situation happens when you have decided something for yourself, you have made the goals in your life and when you are experiencing obstacles in fulfilling your dreams and living life according to your will in this case usually dissatisfactory situation occurs. We start feeling that why we are not satisfied, the real cause of all this confused situation lead to a trauma inside a person and results in dissatisfaction. Let’s try to find out that what the real causes of dissatisfaction among youth. In my opinion the lack of understanding and communication between our parents give rise to such situation. When parents can not understand that what actually children wants and if they want to achieve their goals according to their own will than what is the problem in that. If parents do not agree to the point of children so they should talk to children and try to explain the whole situation without anger and dominance rule. This thing can avoid so many conflicting situations and the person satisfaction level will not be affected. If we imposed our thoughts on others this is the most weird situation can ever happen because human do not restrictions of things which according to them is right. They want to give the chance to their thoughts and action so that they can achieve satisfaction. I want all my goals to be fulfilled but this is not important that we can get everything in our lives but we can atleast try for attaining satisfaction. I think this is the best situation of leading a satisfactory life without being confused and without facing a conflicting situation between mind thoughts and action. We should be focused, determents and strong in taking decisions and lead to your goals by keeping in view norms, values and culture and most important our family prestige. If the human achieve the goals in life what was decided by them so satisfaction is the end result and I am sure about it.

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