The Sea View beach has been extremely polluted after cyclone Phet and no arrangements have been done till yet for cleaning the beach.
Beach is the only recreational facility left with Karachiites and it is affordable for all poor or rich. All can come and enjoy. After all beach is for all but this beach has been polluted after Phet. Whole beach is filled with dead fishes, garbage, oyster shells due to which worst odour is spread all in the environment and creating complications to near by resident and picnickers. Schools are closed so in these months beach picnic is mostly preferred by Karachiites but after cyclone the beach is not the same any more. It’s polluted and stinks no one can bear that stinky smell and in this situation beach is not attracting any visitors and Karachiites are deprived of beach picnic. Millions of dead oyster shells and small fish are lying at the beach since the cyclone. However, the CCB has done nothing to remove them. The rotting fish may spread an epidemic in the environs of Clifton, an issue which requires immediate attention.
Residents, who live near the beach (“Seaviewers”) and had not moved out despite the Phet threat, are now left with no alternative but to move out because of the foul smell emanating from the dead fish.
The question which comes in mind of Karachiites is why the beach is so polluted and why no arrangements have been done till yet for cleaning the sea.
On July 27, 2003, the oil tanker Tasman Spirit ran aground at the entrance to the port city of Karachi. Laden with sweet crude, the vessel lay beached for two weeks before eventually breaking up and spilling 35,000 tons (10,780,000 gallons) of her cargo into the bay, from which an estimated 11,000 metric tons of toxic gasses known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) evaporated into the air. This contributed much in polluting beach and till now the beach water is not clean. It also becomes a cause of different skin allergies and skin disorders.
Now the new disaster after Phet the dead fishes these are also not new. With the heavy tides and up and down sea level this situation usually occurs but the administration eyes and nose remain closed. They can neither see the polluted sea nor do they feel the stinky smell. In this situation what the residents can do except vacating their houses.
Beach is in very worst condition and immediate steps are required for cleaning it otherwise the pollution will go on increasing and lead to various breathing disorders and allergies. Media should highlight the issue of Clifton beach and forced the government to clean it as soon as possible and made special arrangement for its beautification.

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