Gun shots, bullets, hand grenades, target killing, street crimes all these things are usually attached with Karachi name since last two decades Now it right to say that Karachi is becoming a criminal paradise and safe city for all illegal activities. The worst law and order situation in Karachi is opening the door for all criminal minded people to come and live in this city safely and with due respect. According to BBC report Karachi has now became a safe heaven for Taliban who are escaping from northern areas and taking easy escape in this city and are involving in violating law and order situation.
Target killing is at peak now a days in every area of the city political activists are being targeted and some time innocent passer by becomes the victim of the bullet. Doctors are not safe any more due to ethnicity and sectarian clash these culprits are targeting doctors without thinking that they are the one who will safe us if we become target of the bullet. This is the situation of Karachi the place which was previously called the city of lights and life in this city was peaceful. Peace is not any more in this city violence, blood shed, anger and jealously has made its roots so stronger that now it’s hard to remove. Karachiites are living in extreme fear they are not sure about their security
The clash between political parties and rising ethnicity and sectarian clashes are making life more miserable. Karachi peace is totally finished and it’s very hard to regain it. Karachi is said to be called a hub of economy but this city is witnessing terror, uncertainty since long time and life is not returning to normalcy.
The thing which I don’t understand is that why this city have to suffer always. So many lives had been wasted due to target killing. In my opinion all this is happening with the backing of political parties otherwise Karachi situation was under control for sure.
If the political parties are not backing these criminals so how they are equipped with arms and why there is no check on flow of arms and weapons in the city.
PPP and other political parties are claiming to do all possible efforts for restoring peace but it seems that peace is not possible yet and all the claims are in vain. Until and unless strict measures were taken against the culprit involved and in backing these criminal minded people.
Special forces should be deployed in Karachi for controlling the target killing menace because if it has not control at that time then it will be too late and Karachi will became the safe paradise for the criminals.

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