communication the best solution for improving relation

Parents the most important creatures on earth for their children they are one who give life to children, socialize them and give them the strength to survive in this world.
Parents are responsible for every good or bad thing in life of the children until we get mature but sometime parents don’t allow us to reach to maturity due to over whelming care, restriction due to lack of trust and over protection which made the life of children totally dependent on them.
When this situation occurs such children are unable to survive without them. They are unable to take decisions and face tough time later on. While handling difficult situation in life they want help and for everything they want their parent’s support which is sometime not possible. I have seen some cases in which parents are so protective that they do not allow their children to take any decision in life, they do not want them to live life according to their own priorities after reaching to maturity and when adult children encounter this situation things get worst and this beautiful relationship gets complicated.
Some young adult called this situation restriction from parents’ side some claim it an act against children and some called it suppression of rights. Infact I have heard the children saying that our parents thing that the children are their property and if we do not obey them so they can disown us. I think this is not true. Parents are sometime harsh but it doesn’t mean that they are against their children and they want bad for them.
In my view parents do not allow their children to grow up and they do not accept it that children are grown up and they know better that what to do and what not. I am not saying that when we become adult so we do not want our parents support and their opinion for leading our life but what I am saying is that grown up children who cross their teen and step in to adulthood can distinguish between right and wrong thing and it is only be possible when parents socialize their children in such a way that right and wrong difference remain in front of them always.
Children want parents support and opinion always in their life and without our parents blessing we are nothing but what I am trying to say here is that parents should also realize that if children want something in their lives so it doesn’t mean that we are going against them but parents should try to understand and communicate with their children on every point. If I cited my example here I must say that if I want to do something in my life and my parents will say no to it so I will not go against them but I want them to explain that why they do not let me do what ever I want and when things will get cleared in my mind so I will never ever think about such stuff which my parents oppose. For making parent child relationship stronger communication, trust and discussion are the main tools and without them the gap between them remains the same.
Parents have to understand that it’s a changing world I am not saying that they should allow their children what ever they want to do but atleast they should try to understand the dreams of children for e.g. if I want boost in my career and I want to come in reporting and my parents are not allowing me so I will definitely think that they are becoming a hurdle in my success until and unless they explain me every pros and cons that due to which reason they are not allowing me to do so.
Such kind of situation increase frustration and aggression among children and the child parents’ relation ship start getting affected.
I am not saying that parents should do what ever the children are saying no, parents are parents and they are the one who can decide better but it doesn’t mean that they should suppress the rights of children if we are demanding something so they should first listen and if the children are right so I think parents should not be a hurdle in their way.
Girls usually face parents restriction in making career decisions may be parents are afraid of societal problems are worst law and order situation every where around us but they should understand that by putting restrictions in making career goals they are affecting their lives. In my opinion girls should be given more trust from parents’ side and if this will be happen then no girl will even think of going against the parents. Parents should be children friend and children should trust their parents without any fear because they are the one who have the rights to put restriction on us and they are the one who can understand us if we try to convince them in a proper way with due respect but parents should also realize that if we the children are trying to explain their opinion to them so it doesn’t mean that we are disrespecting them and do not love them. We love our parents and always want their support but we also want that parents should understand our dreams, goals and priorities without making them a ego problem and without saying that our children are not any more our children because every time children are not wrong and parents can also be wrong sometimes after all they are also human.
So adult children start communicating from parents without any fear and parents please try to understand children views and alter their thinking according to the positive changes in the world and need of time and give importance to your children decision and view points and make them so much stronger so that they can decide the right thing always and keep themselves aside from every evil thing.

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