The mismanaged and pain full exams of MA external students at Karachi University finally concluded yesterday.
The misery of students during the exams had remained the same since the first till the last day. The student had suffered from the worst situation and had given exams in uncomfortable circumstances. Despite of the strong criticism from the students; KU administration had done nothing for changing the examinations centers which was set under the tent.
Broken chairs and tables were the same, set on the muddy ground throughout the exams session. Students had given exams in extreme hot climate without fan, under open air. No water facility was available for them.
Unfixed tents were the source of more misery due to wind the tent bamboos keep moving possessing threat to the lives of the students sitting under it. The bamboo was attached with the iron rod in it so that it remains fixed on ground. This what KU had done with it external students.
While students had confronted the matter from the invigilators present at the examination centers they said “we are helpless in solving this issue unless and until university higher authority issues an order” but nothing was done from university side and they just ignore the situation.
University management had closed its ear and eyes on this matter and was not willing to provide any relieve to the external students.
KU is the biggest university of Karachi and carries a high reputation but the problems faced by external students during exams has confirmed the negligent and incompetence attitude of university authorities
The students and the parents suffered from the worst situation have appealed from KU vice Chancellor Dr Pirzada Qasim to take stern action against the management so that next year students do not faced such unbearable situation but VC is busy in attending events as a chief guest and are not seems interested in solving the issues of the university students internal as well as external..


  1. farzana wahid says:

    y0u are right nayab.

  2. This is really unbelivable. I cannot believe in this article.

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