A third year nursing student of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) was gang raped and tortured by the six men including the MLO Medico-Legal Officer (MLO) Dr Jabbar Memon of JPMC.
After that the girl had jumped from the third floor to avoid the criminal assault by Dr Memon who is also admitted in JPMC in result of hip bone injury and not in consciousness.
The young rape victim is admitted in the ICU heavenly bandaged and littering from pain.
The initial medical report has conformed that the third year nursing student had been gang raped.
The situation is tensed in JPMC one of the most renewed government hospital in Karachi.
The student has said that the number of rape cases against nurses are rising and no steps have been done till yet to form such a law which can protect nurses from such doctors who are animal in human disguise.
The MLO reputation was not good but despite of that no action was taken against the criminal before when complained was lodged by other nurses against harassment from his hand.
The police sources have confirmed Dr Memon the real culprit and as soon as he will regain consciousness he will be arrested and will severely punish.
The young nurse is lying between life and death. The victim family, colleagues and friends are in rage against the incident and want justice.
The incident of rape cases with nurses by the hand of doctor is knocking the door of strict measures so in near future such incident could be control.
This is not the only incident that occurred in JPMC but the misbehaving with female nurses and harassment has been made a normal routine in every hospital but some time it was done by doctors and some time by attendants but the victim remains the nurses.
Government should take strict note against the increasing rape incident and strict rules should be made so that such incident could be controlled and the nurse presitige could be saved from such animal that are so called respectable members of society.

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