The recent incident of rape of a nurse in Karachi and killing of four years old minor who was raped and then brutally killed confirmed the jungle law prevailed in Pakistan.
We proudly call ourselves Muslims, but sorry to say we even do not understand the meaning of a true Muslims. We are using Islam for our own interest. Islam is the religion of peace, love, equality but we are far away from Islamic teachings.
It seems like Pakistani society is a jungle where animals are free to do anything without the fear of being punished and the above both cases are the true example of jungle law.
These cases are not new for anyone, it can be happened any where in any developed country among civilizes nation but the thing is that in our country there is no law and this is the main reason of increase in such issues.
Why the rape cases are rising in Pakistan and previously such incidents were unheard in our country. The only reason is that there is no “law” a so called law which can punish these culprits and such heinous incidents could be controlled.
But now it is not possible in Pakistan, the country is in grip of corrupt politicians who are liars and came to power on the basis of their fake degrees.
In Pakistan parliamentarians who are the so called protectors of people are holding the bogus degrees. So in this situation what they will do for the improvement and betterment of this country and its nation.
What our religious scholars are doing in controlling these rape cases. Why they are not holding rallies on such issues, why they are not passing any law, why they are not protesting.., why?
In Pakistan many things could be changed, law ands order can be improved but the thing is that we all have to work together. In our country there is no unity. Religious parties and political parties are pulling rope for coming in power. Yet a blame game continues. These religious scholars are also using religion for their own interest they can improve so many things in society but the fact is that they don’t want to.
My readers will be thinking that whom I want to blame for the disorganization in Pakistani society. The politicians or religious scholars?
They both are equally responsible for the disorganization in society. They are responsible for all the evil incidents happening in this country.
Some times it’s hard to understand that why there is no equality in our society which is the true basis of Islam because it’s due to our weakness that we don’t understand Islam in true sense. WE think that we are performing the basis rituals and on that basis we start calling our selves Muslims.
By offering Namaz, fasting in month of Ramadan and by performing Hajj and ignoring the equality basis in this situation how can we call ourselves Muslims?
If we want to a good Muslim than for that we have to understand all the teaching of Islam once again. Islam also taught us not to lie, not to hurt people, no back biting, no evil deeds; in short Islam has given all the ways of living life in a civilized manner.
A true Islamic society is that society in which law is given on equality basis not on power basis; everyone right should be protected, where love and peace should be the top priority.
But such things can not be found in Pakistan. For improving our society now it’s time to raise voice against injustice, to take steps against inequality, to make judiciary free form all pressure. All these things are not impossible if we work together for acquiring the goal of a progressive Pakistan where we care about each others right and stop using Islam for our own interest.
It’s time for peace, its time for justice, its time for equality; it’s time for unity, it’s time for the progress and betterment of Pakistan and revival of Pakistani society in true sense.

5 comments on “WHO WE ARE? ‘MUSLIMS’

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  2. fahimjan says:

    And keep remember thats only muslims can proudly say thierselves thats ya they are the human as even in thier faith also they are not consevitives but if we recognize ourselves in true spirit of islam.Instead of the others makinds of the world.

  3. fahimjan says:

    First of thanks at this that we muslims.And being a paksiatni nation which is on top nation islamics nations as devoleped nation,who brought at such a stage the pakistan among the world nations atleast we can say that are currupts,If yester any one was having 100rupees today he is having 1000rupees its not currption but its was made possible because our statis and presence among the world devoloped nations.According to the gradual socializations of human by creator on earth about muslims its also thats he flaxibles and can chaned himself when ever its covincible and facts base.Its good about the nature pakistani nation as a islamic nation.The remaining most society is defected by such who are holdings pakistan conffrences without pakistan.Thats when ever i am thinking about the pakistan politic from england.why about pakitan those high qualified or fake degrees holders are not understang that thier representation how much effceting the pakistan as asian nation.atleast where we are survivngs those ants which ate america.The remaining on the high education of dictators today the pakistan armed services latter the nation are saying about that ”’Lanuth”‘Because today who savings the paksiatn first latter are thinking about the developed pakistan nation.If we thinking about the devolopment of the pakistan its may becuase of a minimum durration of democracy in pakistan..The dictators ships individuals or salected teams have been given nothing to pakistan and pakistani nation.And about nurse that nurse karim agha what have not been did with pakistani nation.For pakistani nation was evils brings evilsAnd because of that somehow the pakistan america were havings common enemies.Now are wining against common enemies and who are lossings about it b/w pakistan and america a diffrenece making situations is going on.Being an asian nation. the pakistan is survivning the israel and thier evils straitigires.But howmuch the america is a strong against them on thier home ground about it i am thinking that the america eletions and thier govts,and latter about thier policies.Either the america would became an israel for the westren nations in the west ? either the america can fight the occupation of america with in america and with in the west also.Lets Keep watching about it.

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  5. […] demanding policy makers to device proper laws in order to curb violence against women. Another blogger Nayyab questions the increase of incidence of rape cases: The only reason is that there is no […]

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