A large green turtle wash ashore Clifton Beach on Monday evening and its body is decomposing destroying the sea environment and creating problems for the picnickers.
Few days before large number of sea shells were found and after that large green turtle, body alarming that the environmental disaster could be responsible for that. There is also fear that in next coming days some more creatures could be found washed ashore.
According to the eye witness and visitors, the dead turtle body is decomposing since Monday creating foul smell but no concerned authority is doing any effort for removing it. Infant the wildlife department officials are unaware of the situation.
The question arise that what factors are responsible for such incidents and why sea environment is destroying?
What should be done for improving the environment and for saving the marine life?
The beaches in Karachi are in worst condition, garbage, factory waste and other harmful chemicals are dumped in sea water destroying marine creature and result in rising sea pollution.
Wild Life department should take steps for reviving the marine life and for saving the sea from destruction. Otherwise marine life will be totally destroyed.


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