Dissolving Ethnic Barriers in Pakistan

Youth can play a vital role in dissolving the ethnic differences created on the name of caste, colour and creed. This was stated by Hina Khawaja Bayat a prominent host and a charismatic woman who is working on the theme of bringing change in the society through her idea. She was speaking at the one day interactive workshop on “Resolving Ethnic Barriers” organized by KUMAK (Karwaan of United Motivated Ambitious Khabtees) with the motto of “say no to ethnicity’. Hina further stated that media can play its role in highlighting the adverse effects of prejudice and can promote message of peace and love without any discrimination. She further said that it’s time that we should unite as one nation. In her message to youth she stressed that youth should learn from history, respect every religion and give importance to all culture and languages. She lauded the effects of KUMAK for moulding the thinking of youth in a positive way through such workshops. KUMAK founder member and event organizer Haya Fatima, while speaking to Daily News said that KUMAK aim is to provide guidance and to give positive vision to young generation so that they can bring positive change. Youth can break all the barriers created in the name of ethnicity and are promoting prejudice in the country and the day is not so far when we all will be united without any differences. Another KUMAK member Sabeena said that the organization started working in 2008 with ten members until now we had arranged three workshops on different themes for youth but this time the aim of our workshop is to aware the youth about the adverse effects of ethnicity and to motivate them to become patriotic and beneficial members of society. In the workshop more than 100 students participated with the slogan say no to ethnicity and prejudice. The workshop was the milestone in giving positive change in the thinking of young participants for the better future. Presentations and tableaus were presented by the participants highlighting the messages of unity and for dissolving the barriers of ethnicity. Lastly certificates were distributed among the participants. Prominent youth icon Rizwan Jaffer and renowned Lawyer Abrar Hassan also attended the event.

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