Hat’s off to APWA and It’s Dedicated Team

Empowerment of women by and through education has been the prime concern of APWA and it will keep working for the betterment of women in the best possible way in every sector. This was said by Vice President APWA Farida Ali while talking to Daily News.
While informing about the new projects of APWA she has said that APWA in collaboration with Justice (R) Nasir Aslam Zahid, have opened a facility of Legal Call Center. The target of the centre is the large majority of the masses who either are not aware of their rights or are less privileged to obtain such services through legal channels. This center is providing legal help and assistance in best possible way. APWA Paralegal AID Center provides legal advice and regress to aggrieved women. This center works daily for four hours in which professional lawyers respond to the queries and provide legal assistance.
She further has said that interaction is awareness and awareness is education. Networking bordens our mental horizon and help us take the message of progress and growth to those women of Pakistan who may be deprived of the modern day opportunities but are always ready to assimilate and improve their skills and passion to go ahead.
APWA will continue its mission and keep helping the women in all sectors and will do all efforts for bringing change in lives of less privilege women of Pakistan.
Farzana Rehman APWA Vice President Public Relation Officer, an energetic and charming lady who is serving APWA since last 14 years elaborated the working of APWA legal AID center and has said that this center is receiving a good response and we are planning to spread its service throughout Pakistan and soon this center will start providing its services in less developed areas of Pakistan.
She further said that APWA is nongovernmental organization and for carrying out its project independently APWA hold periodical exhibitions and earn profit for ongoing projects. Other sources of income are donations collected through personal efforts by our members.
Women Education and health is our top priority and we believe that education is the only key through which women can be aware of their rights and can raise voice against the injustice.
She further stressed that parents should treat their daughters equally and provides them with best quality education so that in future they are able to protect themselves in an organized way and does not become the victim of any violence.
She further said that Pakistan is the male dominant society and for changing the mindset of people about women empowerment the only thing we can do is to aware theme and media can play a vital role in bringing change in the society about women rights.
Lastly she said that APWA will keep following the mission of Begum Raana Liaqat and keep rendering the services for improving the living standard of women. Infact the situation is changing in Pakistan as well more and more women are now working and are financially strong and this trend in helping in changing the structure of society but all we need is support from all.

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