US Officials visits Women Chamber of Commerce

Begum Salma Ahmed, Founder President and C.E.O Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry arranged a gathering of women entrepreneurs in honor of Elizabeth O’ Colton, Acting US Consul General at Women Chambers office last week but she could not make it and in her place US Consulate Officers Susan, Officer Cultural Affairs and Andrea DeArment Information Officer US Consulate attended the function.
Begum Salma Ahmed briefed the guests about the work of women entrepreneurs and asked them to facilitate their visits to the US to market their products.
After hearing the queries both the US officials appreciated the efforts of the women entrepreneurs. Andrea DeArment lauded the enthusiasm shown by the participants to explore US market for their business and assured them that they try to facilitate their access to US markets.
Well known women entrepreneurs and member of WCCI appreciated the event as it was the first interaction with any embassy officials.
Members WCCI, Fareeda Qureshi, Fouzia Mehtab, Seema Tahir Khan, Begum Salma Murad, Dr Farah Farooqui, Farzana Rehman, Shahida Abbasi, Charmine Hidayatullah, Mehreen Illahi, Atiya Nawazish and others attended the event.
Lastly, women entrepreneurs called upon all sections of the society especially business community and media to extend their full support to them. They also presented their products to US representatives.

One comment on “US Officials visits Women Chamber of Commerce

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