Pakistan Independence Day around the corner, but this time the country and its people will not be able to celebrate the Independence Day with the true spirit of patriotism. Country is affected by worst flood ever in the history. Almost 2 million people have been affected, thousand have been rendered homeless, thousands are waiting for the help and supports, millions of houses have been swept away.
On the other side country is facing worst law and order situation. Innocents’ people were being killed not only due to natural calamities but also because of ethnic violence and hatred spread against each other.
In Karachi, the economic hub of Pakistan is facing huge economic loses due to deteriorating law and order condition in the city. Ethnic violence have claimed lives of almost many innocent people in last two weeks, public property were set on fire by the miscreants who want to destabilize Pakistan. In this entire situation how can the common citizen feel and enjoy the spirit of independence.
“We are living in such a country where we have no freedom of speech, no rights of justice; in short we are living in a country where life is hell. stated, a university student when he was asked about his feelings on Independence Day”.
“Pakistan is totally finished, no chances of development and progress if we will keep electing president like Zardari”. Said a group of young college students
“It seems like there is no law and order in this country, the country is ruled by a puppet government who just follows the foreign dictation”
As soon as we heard the name of Pakistan the first thing which comes in mind of young generation is that “Pakistan is a failed state, a country in grip of terrorism.”
This what our young generation had stated thinking for Pakistan. Such feelings can harm the country in all way.
As Quaid, had said that the “future of Pakistan depends on Youth” and if our youth will in such way, so how this country will progress”.
Although Pakistan is in hands of corrupt politicians but still we can hope for the better future of Pakistan in all way. Youth should stand for their rights. They have to raise their voices against injustice but according to the rule of law.
Pakistan future will be bright; the only thing is that we have to understand the true meaning of Independence, Patriotism. That time is not far when the country will be free from corrupt politicians. Pakistan will soon be included in the raw of progressive country but for that we have to stand and work together for achieving our goals.
May God bless Pakistan and keep protecting it form harm.


  1. Sana says:

    I agree Hope to see more post about this post. Please keep us posted.

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