President Zardari, damn cares criticism, ready to go on another trip.

President Zardari returned home one week before from his lavish trip. According to him it was very necessary for the progress and development of his country. In the visit Pakistani President also joined the bush shoe club but he completes his trip and in the way to home he stopped off in Syria.
The shoe hurling incident was expressed by one blogger in this way
“And oh, I heard about that shoe throwing incident. To be very frank, I knew it was going to happen someday. My friends and I, were quite optimistic that Bush’s feat is not going to stay unmatched as long as you are in power. Now, we can also boast about the shoe throwing games on facebook depicting our president. I was thinking about challenging my States’ friends on “who can get more hits”.

This explains the anger against President Zardari visit but after his return President
Sought briefing on both the Karachi security and flood situations.
Foreign office sources have conformed that “he will be off again within tomorrow to another visit abroad leaving entire criticism apart”. President would go to Russia to attend the schedule meeting on Aug 18.
President is not paying any head to criticism and he damn cares about the pain and misery of his nation affected by the flood.
Pakistani President is still very powerful he has all the rights and PM is playing his role in the country after 18th Amendment.
“I distinctly recall the 18th amendment reducing the Presidency to a figure head for the country (representing us in other countries being his domain), with the Prime Minister being assigned the role of principle caretaker and decision maker. Kudos to Prime Minister Gilani; he has been doing his part, visiting affected regions, encouraging people to help in relief efforts, and doling out cash to affectees (and if some of those affectees turn out to be frauds, it is not a reflection on Gilani’s shortcomings but that of the people involved).”
After 18th Amendment the President is not eligible for all the power he is carrying. He should stay in country and act like a president after 18th amendment.
He faced criticism not only from Pakistan, but from his counterparts and above all international media was stunned on the harsh behaviour of Pakistani President and he was being criticized in all way. But despite of all the criticism he damn cares and is ready to enjoy another luxurious visit by leaving behind 20 millions people affected by flood. Above all President is not eligible for such doing.
Its time that our president should understand his power under 18th Amendment and stop enjoying extra power that is against the constitution.

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