The murder of two young brothers Hafiz Mueez Butt and Muneeb Butt, who were stoned to death during last week has led to the suspension of 14 policemen. But still everyone wants to know who was the main culprit and who is responsible for killing of two young brothers and why police didn’t took any action as it is clearly seen in the video footage.
This brutal incident is source of shame for whole Pakistani nation and we all are equally responsible in it. Two innocent boys were brutally killed publically by the mobs in the presence of police and everyone was just standing as it seems that they are watching the life telecast of the violent movie.
We had proved that we are a dead nation and brutal too. No one from crowd of almost 100 people had come forward to raise the voice against the cruelty; no person had the courage to save those innocent boys from those beasts that were beating them like animals till their death. No after their death their wave of hatred was flaming high so the culprits hanged their dead bodies upside side down and start beating again. Until their inside anger was cool down. But the question arise what had happened on that day which took the lives of two innocent young people and in the presence of police, outside Rescue 1122 office who carries a good reputation in Punjab and people called them saviors of humanity. So on that day why the so called saviors of humanity had handed over the two innocent boys to the beasts. What was the reason behind that? The initial report which shows that one week before the boys had a clash with other group on cricketing in some ground which took the incident to that note.
Really is this the reason, so it proves that we are the most intolerant nation of the world, is this Islam teaches us. Those involved in this brutal incident cannot call themselves Muslims because they are not. They are animals and such people have no religion. Their only religion is cruelty and brutality. Which is not acceptable in any religion of the world whether it’s Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any others religion of the world.
When the footage was on air on different news channels, waves of anger was spread all over the country. So the outrage atleast proved that we all are not the same but there are some elements amongst us who are animals so it’s our joint responsibility to point out such elements that are bringing bad name to Islamic teaching as well as this country. When the incident came in lime light by our media our politicians start doing their jobs and we all know they can only do ‘condemnations’ and order an inquiry which is always useless. But this time it seems that may be the culprits will reach to their end. Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken suo moto action against the culprits. Let’s see this could bring justice or not.
But we all are surprised that why the officials are getting transfer letters what’s the reason behind that. Is there is any political involvement in this case. Why the culprit were not been caught till yet when their faces are seen so clearly in the video footage. Is the culprits’ are being protected by influential people? These all are such queries which are in mind of every Pakistani who just want justice.
CJ should also take action against such issues also, due to which justice can be delayed. People in Pakistan are losing hope from the judiciary too; their only hope is Chief Justice. But some people are of the view that “we have now become so much corrupt nation that what alone Chief Justice can do, if we all will not co-operate with him”. “Our politicians never want strong judiciary for protecting their evil deeds and they are doing all possible efforts for weakening it”.
But still there is still a hope until CJ, tenure but after him what will happen. But now the main thing is that we all Pakistani nation want justice in Sialkot killing case. The culprit should be caught and they should be killed in a same way publically and brutally so that next time no one try to attempt such brutality with any innocent. If our judiciary was strong enough so such incident would never occur, because when people have a fear that if they will do wrong deed so they will not be saved from law..But the most saddening thing is that we the Pakistani are fully aware that there I s no law and order in our country and we are free to act in any way and no one has the right to ask. This is the reason that today the country is ruled by corrupt politicians and a failed government. Pakistan is in grip of anarchy and uncertainty.
If We want to save this country from further destruction so the only solution left with us is REVOLUTION in true sense against all corrupt people, against such government who just want to destabilize Pakistan and looting nation wealth and keep transferring it to their foreign accounts for their lavish lifestyle..
It’s time for the revolution like FRENCH REVOLUTION.


  1. mano says:

    we want justice for our brothers

  2. sama says:

    i love both brother who killed in sailkot plz ap logo ager in k dost hai to request hai ap logo say hamy un ki piks day dijiay pn plz plz wo piks jo net mai nahi hai jo u

    • umer butt says:

      inshallah u will get justice allah will give u and ur family peace and justice to ur brother , i want to kill all the police military , they are all bastards uneducated ass holes


    J’ai été atterrée en voyant la brutalmité et cruauté des vidéos. Le chef de la police de Sialkot devrait lui aussi être inculpé car il a cautionné la tuerie.
    Je suis très contente que tous les protagoniste de ces 2 meutres organisés aient été arrétés.
    J’espère que celà empéchera de nouveaux lynchages !!!
    Il n’a plus qu’à attendre le procés.
    Mes condoléances à la famille Sajjad Butt et beaucoup de courage

  4. soochism says:

    اسلام علیکم، حساب تو، دینا پڑے گا، ہماری کمزوری یا حکومت ہی، ایسی ہے ؟
    ہم آواز نہیں نکالیں گے، تو کوئی باہر سے آ کر آواز نکالے گا .. ؟

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