University of Karachi running failed brake buses for its students.

University of Karachi, a renowned government university, but not an organized one, worst administration, horrible management, parties politics and what not and last but not the least is KU points. The points are in horrible condition and despite of the fact when the administration knew all about its worst condition but still running them any how. Points are having problem in every part. Without concerning about students lives KU running brake failed, totally ruined points on long route and so over loaded that one cannot breath easily..The VC seems to be unaware of the worst and horrible condition of university buses, and if students complained so the concerned authorities just says “we are helpless’, we don’t have funds for buying new points and for repair and maintainance of old ones. That the verdict of administration running under KU VC Pirzada Qasim. He can become Chief Guest in all reputed gatherings of city but cannot raise voice for his university students basis need. The students who cannot afford fares of public buses prefer university points though they are very few and in worst condition but still helpful for students.Its the dire heart need of KU students that government should take strick action against KU and provide them new buses for saving the student lives from taking risk.Well May Allah shower his mercy on KU students who travel in these decades old points on daily basis, and save them for any mishap..

3 comments on “University of Karachi running failed brake buses for its students.

  1. farzana wahid says:

    0h g0d pIZZZ heIp kurians!

  2. Education minister and government of Sindh should take immediate action on this important issue.

  3. Sajid says:

    Corruption is injected in nerves of each Pakistani as a drug…. That is why every one is involved in it.. Even a 14 years Class Ninth Student is also having curse of Corruption… He does his first corruption in his IX Board Exams and then he does in X Class Board Exams…. t

    When he Grow ups Corruption is like his habit and this was such a curse that he find opportunities to do corruption and then he Does Corruption at Higher Level in Government institutes.. Even that now Our Private banks are also Corrupted and politicized,, JUST Visit any Habib bank or National bank near by you in Karachi… You will find at least one picture or One Brochure or Sticker of any political person /party there

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