It’s time to promote Pakistan’s culture..

Pakistan, a country with its four provinces. Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoonkhawan (indeed its a hardest name). All the provinces are blessed with natural resources and admirable culture and traditions.They all have the legacy to follow, but in the current political scenario of Pakistan it’s getting hard to unite them and its credit goes to our so called efficient rulers. Government negligence regarding proper distribution of resources among provinces creating a definite gap between them.The policies made by our efficient politicians are contributing much in raising the separate province voices all around. Pakistan’s all provinces are blessed with natural beauty. Every province people are so loving, hospitable and welcoming that if some effort have been made we can make all these provinces a heaven once again.Due to lack of government interest our tourism is almost vanishing. So its high time now that government should take serious measures for revival of all provinces cultural legacy. Their culture, traditional festival and other positive aspects should be promoted with the help of locals. This will help in making strong bonds between provinces and its result will be fruitful.

6 comments on “It’s time to promote Pakistan’s culture..

  1. Shehryar Khan says:

    Yes sister nayyab you r right about Pakistan and also their is big example in front of us in our 2 loving neighbouring countries China and Japan these 2 countries have promoted their culture through all over the world everyone knows in the world about China and Japan specially Japan they have promoted their through out all things including culture as well everyone in the world knows about Japan.

  2. Romi Smart says:

    Just saying promote our culture… thanks

  3. Sana says:

    Pakistani culture is actually a part of the contemporary Islamic civilization which draws its value and traditions from Islam and rich Islamic history.S0 we should promote our culture.

  4. Sami Ahmad says:

    Pakistan is a very beautiful country. it has very culture.culture of pakistan is old more than 3000yeras like harppa . it is first and foremost duty of people of pakistan that they should work for welfare of pakistan .

  5. Are you willing to write for a magzine voluntarily ? If yes feel free to contact me

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