Pakistan embassy a hell on earth for overseas Pakistanis’

#Pakistan embassy located in Dubai is giving tougher time to all the pakistanis living in UAE, when it comes to passport renewal and NIC. The building is in devastated condition with no proper management, no proper seats, no fans, no Ac.  For getting the token one should reach there before dawn otherwise your passport renewal will remain a dream. If luckily one can get success in getting the token then you stepped into hell like place. In this warm weather of UAE, #Pakistan  #embassy really don’t feel the need to install AC for the visitors. No proper seats are availabe for people who are taking all the trouble for their passports and NIc. Above all the behaviour of staff is unexplainable. The rudeness and arrogance of the PAkistan embassy staff contribute in boiling the temper of all pakistanis who took a day off from their work and came for making their passports and ID cards. The mercy doesn’t end here after getting a entry coupon from a rude person standing on gate. You have to wait atleast five to six hours for submittion of fees. After this again you have to face a long queue for further formalities in such extreme climate with no proper electricity , no proper seating arrangments. Everyday the situation remains the same. Pakistanis who are living in UAE have to bear such pain and misery because of our embassy which provide no help no proper facilities and above all they dont have the courtesy to behave in calm manner from the “becharay overseas Pakistanis”. I got the chance to felt this pain and misery previous week when unfortunately my husband passport was expired. The trouble we faced cannot be expressed in words. If luckily someone get a chance to visit Pakistan embassy in UAE, you will forget all the trouble and misery we face in #Pakistan for getting the officails things done.

4 comments on “Pakistan embassy a hell on earth for overseas Pakistanis’

  1. Aleeza says:

    Nice and easy 😊

  2. Mehdi Rizvi says:

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  3. hikmat ullah says:

    Today i was read a report on overseas Pakistanis, According to the report , Overseas Pakistanis’ are playing the vital role in Pakistan’s economy,. On the other side there is no facilities in Pakistani embassies in different countries for those overseas poor Pakistanis. this is why?
    Because have Corrupt government…….Plz stand for corruption free Pakistan.

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