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I am different that’s i know, i always what to be something in my life , i do not wanIam here to represent my country, my culture and my tradition. Iam from pakistan and want to potray real image of pakistan boyond terrorism. Pakistan was a peaceful land but now it is in state of war against terrorist and pakistani nation also giving sacrifices for elimination of terrorism and we want to see this world a peacefull and safer place without terrorist.t to think in a typical girl;s way planning for their future with others but for me life is something else i want to be INDEPENDENT i want me to own my self not some one else. i want my decisions to be the last one i want my vision to rule i can not be someone else property.

For all this thing to prove i want to write to let the world know my fellings for me, my country the problem faced my people after all I AM A PATRIOT PAKISTANI and for all those things to be answerd in only one profession that is JOURNALISM so all my friends, wellwishes  what i need is PRAYERS for my successful future in field of JOURNALISM

12 comments on “About nayyab sarhandi

  1. Faqeer says:

    Are you criminal scientist.
    Student of burfat rana.

  2. Nasrullah says:

    No need to write too long just need to promote to gets skills . This is the only one solution to kill unemployment.

  3. Sidra J says:

    Asalamualaikum Nadya! I am quite impressed by your blog. The fact that you write so widely on social stigmas and issues in our society even being a Pakistani girl has truly inspired me. Great job! If its possible I would like to contact you. May I have your email address or Skype ID. You can contact me through my email.

  4. Hazoor Elahi says:

    I am a graduate student at York University Canada. With my roots in Pakistan, I am always thinking of writing about Pakistan. As a part of my studies, I have decided to do my research work on the “Empowerment of Women in Pakistan and the Challenges and Essentials in achieving this Objective.”
    I would greatly appreciate if some relative data like abuse of women, divorce, rape, family size, poverty rates, governments initiative towards women’s rights and inequality that are lacking in Pakistani society could be provided. Further, since it is a male dominated society, what is man’s role in contributing to the plight of women, and what sort of approach and strategy would be needed for th empowerment of women in conservative society of Pakistan. It would be equally important to know the role of religion in this scenario.
    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.
    Hazoor Elahi
    Brampton ON L6P0G9 Canada

  5. Esther says:

    Dear Nayyab Sarhandi,
    After the brutal attack in Pakistan I started searching on the internet to see how I could help. I am from the Netherlands and would like to help in a valuable way. Do you have advise? Or programs that are good to donate money too?
    Thank you,


  6. K.Chandni says:

    How are institutions related and
    what is relationship between family and education?

  7. arooj says:

    thanks..can u help me?
    obout this topic?

  8. shah faisal says:

    i like your patriotism very much.. i am working on the same project too. i am lecturer of Pakistan studies and promoting patriotism among youth..I really appreciate your work.May Allah bless you with success.Aameen

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