Burn Koran Day which is meant to hurt muslims sentiments should be Stop

Jone the world will laugh at you, you can not harm Islam by such doings

Quran is the religious book of Muslims. Quran is the book of ultimate guidance for mankind and Quran to be treated with due respect as Bible and other Holy books. But this year The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida has planned to Burn Quran On the 9th anniversary of 11th Sep 2001 and Washington Attacks.
Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, under the leadership of pastor Terry Jones, will be observing an ‘International Burn a Quran Day’ in honour of victims of the Sep 11, 2001 attack.

The church has invited all to join the quran burning which will be held at its premises from 6 pm to 9 pm on Sep 11, 2010.

“We believe that Islam is of the devil, that it’s causing billions of people to go to hell, it is a deceptive religion, it is a violent religion and that is proven many, many times,” church pastor Terry Jones had told in his interview to CNN.
Terry Jones insisted he would go ahead with his plans, despite criticism from the top U.S. general in Afghanistan, the White House and the State Department, as well as a host of religious leaders.
Jones, who is known for posting signs proclaiming that Islam is the devil’s religion, says the Constitution gives him the right to publicly set fire to the book that Muslims consider the word of God. He said lawyers have told him his right to burn Qurans is protected by the First Amendment, with or without the city’s permission.
The same would hold true, he said, if Muslims wanted to burn Bibles in the front yard of a mosque.
“Of course, I would not like it,” Jones said. But “I definitely would not threaten to kill them, as we have been threatened.”
Amid the heated debate over a Florida church’s plan to burn Qurans on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has defended the pastor’s right to do so.
Condemnations are coming in front from American government but they are doing nothing to stop this evil deed of Jone who deliberately wants’ to hurt the Muslim’s sentiments but in return he will get nothing. From such an evil deeds he cannot harm Islam and the holy book Quran. Islam will remain always and God will protect the holy book of Muslims the only thing he will get from it is hatred and violence in the world. It is very unfortunate to see such events being planned in a country which considers it to be the epitome of tolerance. Freedom of speech can never and should never be used as an excuse to play with the sentiments of millions of Muslim around the globe. The burning of the Holy Quran would do nothing but increase the gap between Muslim Americans and Christian Americans and lead to even more tensions. Though Rev. Terry Jones is doing this to express his rage and anger, he miserably fails to realize that the Holy Quran does not only talk about the Prophet Muhammad but also about Jesus Christ and Mary. In fact, chapter 19 of the Holy Quran is titled Maryam (Mary). By burning the Holy Quran, he fails to recognize that in reality he is also bringing shame to his own religion and its teachings. Jesus Christ, who only showed compassion and love to everyone, could never have taught such as thing.No world religion, whether it is Islam or Christianity, teaches bringing disgrace to the beliefs and spiritual possessions of the fellow human beings. In fact, every religion teaches love, tolerance, and respect. It is very important that each one of us recognizes what the future would hold if these sort of events are not criticized and condemned. It will only lead to further hostilities and hatred between people of different beliefs and it should never be entertained. In short, no matter what your religious affiliations are, such acts of indecency should never be tolerated and should be condemned in the most reasonable and peaceful manner. From such deeds no one can provide harm to Islam and nor to holky book Quran. Islam is the religion of peace and Quran is the book of guidance for all Muslims and no one can provide harm to this peaceful religion in any way.


The murder of two young brothers Hafiz Mueez Butt and Muneeb Butt, who were stoned to death during last week has led to the suspension of 14 policemen. But still everyone wants to know who was the main culprit and who is responsible for killing of two young brothers and why police didn’t took any action as it is clearly seen in the video footage.
This brutal incident is source of shame for whole Pakistani nation and we all are equally responsible in it. Two innocent boys were brutally killed publically by the mobs in the presence of police and everyone was just standing as it seems that they are watching the life telecast of the violent movie.
We had proved that we are a dead nation and brutal too. No one from crowd of almost 100 people had come forward to raise the voice against the cruelty; no person had the courage to save those innocent boys from those beasts that were beating them like animals till their death. No after their death their wave of hatred was flaming high so the culprits hanged their dead bodies upside side down and start beating again. Until their inside anger was cool down. But the question arise what had happened on that day which took the lives of two innocent young people and in the presence of police, outside Rescue 1122 office who carries a good reputation in Punjab and people called them saviors of humanity. So on that day why the so called saviors of humanity had handed over the two innocent boys to the beasts. What was the reason behind that? The initial report which shows that one week before the boys had a clash with other group on cricketing in some ground which took the incident to that note.
Really is this the reason, so it proves that we are the most intolerant nation of the world, is this Islam teaches us. Those involved in this brutal incident cannot call themselves Muslims because they are not. They are animals and such people have no religion. Their only religion is cruelty and brutality. Which is not acceptable in any religion of the world whether it’s Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any others religion of the world.
When the footage was on air on different news channels, waves of anger was spread all over the country. So the outrage atleast proved that we all are not the same but there are some elements amongst us who are animals so it’s our joint responsibility to point out such elements that are bringing bad name to Islamic teaching as well as this country. When the incident came in lime light by our media our politicians start doing their jobs and we all know they can only do ‘condemnations’ and order an inquiry which is always useless. But this time it seems that may be the culprits will reach to their end. Chief Justice of Pakistan has taken suo moto action against the culprits. Let’s see this could bring justice or not.
But we all are surprised that why the officials are getting transfer letters what’s the reason behind that. Is there is any political involvement in this case. Why the culprit were not been caught till yet when their faces are seen so clearly in the video footage. Is the culprits’ are being protected by influential people? These all are such queries which are in mind of every Pakistani who just want justice.
CJ should also take action against such issues also, due to which justice can be delayed. People in Pakistan are losing hope from the judiciary too; their only hope is Chief Justice. But some people are of the view that “we have now become so much corrupt nation that what alone Chief Justice can do, if we all will not co-operate with him”. “Our politicians never want strong judiciary for protecting their evil deeds and they are doing all possible efforts for weakening it”.
But still there is still a hope until CJ, tenure but after him what will happen. But now the main thing is that we all Pakistani nation want justice in Sialkot killing case. The culprit should be caught and they should be killed in a same way publically and brutally so that next time no one try to attempt such brutality with any innocent. If our judiciary was strong enough so such incident would never occur, because when people have a fear that if they will do wrong deed so they will not be saved from law..But the most saddening thing is that we the Pakistani are fully aware that there I s no law and order in our country and we are free to act in any way and no one has the right to ask. This is the reason that today the country is ruled by corrupt politicians and a failed government. Pakistan is in grip of anarchy and uncertainty.
If We want to save this country from further destruction so the only solution left with us is REVOLUTION in true sense against all corrupt people, against such government who just want to destabilize Pakistan and looting nation wealth and keep transferring it to their foreign accounts for their lavish lifestyle..
It’s time for the revolution like FRENCH REVOLUTION.

President Zardari, damn cares criticism, ready to go on another trip.

President Zardari returned home one week before from his lavish trip. According to him it was very necessary for the progress and development of his country. In the visit Pakistani President also joined the bush shoe club but he completes his trip and in the way to home he stopped off in Syria.
The shoe hurling incident was expressed by one blogger in this way
“And oh, I heard about that shoe throwing incident. To be very frank, I knew it was going to happen someday. My friends and I, were quite optimistic that Bush’s feat is not going to stay unmatched as long as you are in power. Now, we can also boast about the shoe throwing games on facebook depicting our president. I was thinking about challenging my States’ friends on “who can get more hits”.

This explains the anger against President Zardari visit but after his return President
Sought briefing on both the Karachi security and flood situations.
Foreign office sources have conformed that “he will be off again within tomorrow to another visit abroad leaving entire criticism apart”. President would go to Russia to attend the schedule meeting on Aug 18.
President is not paying any head to criticism and he damn cares about the pain and misery of his nation affected by the flood.
Pakistani President is still very powerful he has all the rights and PM is playing his role in the country after 18th Amendment.
“I distinctly recall the 18th amendment reducing the Presidency to a figure head for the country (representing us in other countries being his domain), with the Prime Minister being assigned the role of principle caretaker and decision maker. Kudos to Prime Minister Gilani; he has been doing his part, visiting affected regions, encouraging people to help in relief efforts, and doling out cash to affectees (and if some of those affectees turn out to be frauds, it is not a reflection on Gilani’s shortcomings but that of the people involved).”
After 18th Amendment the President is not eligible for all the power he is carrying. He should stay in country and act like a president after 18th amendment.
He faced criticism not only from Pakistan, but from his counterparts and above all international media was stunned on the harsh behaviour of Pakistani President and he was being criticized in all way. But despite of all the criticism he damn cares and is ready to enjoy another luxurious visit by leaving behind 20 millions people affected by flood. Above all President is not eligible for such doing.
Its time that our president should understand his power under 18th Amendment and stop enjoying extra power that is against the constitution.



Pakistan Independence Day around the corner, but this time the country and its people will not be able to celebrate the Independence Day with the true spirit of patriotism. Country is affected by worst flood ever in the history. Almost 2 million people have been affected, thousand have been rendered homeless, thousands are waiting for the help and supports, millions of houses have been swept away.
On the other side country is facing worst law and order situation. Innocents’ people were being killed not only due to natural calamities but also because of ethnic violence and hatred spread against each other.
In Karachi, the economic hub of Pakistan is facing huge economic loses due to deteriorating law and order condition in the city. Ethnic violence have claimed lives of almost many innocent people in last two weeks, public property were set on fire by the miscreants who want to destabilize Pakistan. In this entire situation how can the common citizen feel and enjoy the spirit of independence.
“We are living in such a country where we have no freedom of speech, no rights of justice; in short we are living in a country where life is hell. stated, a university student when he was asked about his feelings on Independence Day”.
“Pakistan is totally finished, no chances of development and progress if we will keep electing president like Zardari”. Said a group of young college students
“It seems like there is no law and order in this country, the country is ruled by a puppet government who just follows the foreign dictation”
As soon as we heard the name of Pakistan the first thing which comes in mind of young generation is that “Pakistan is a failed state, a country in grip of terrorism.”
This what our young generation had stated thinking for Pakistan. Such feelings can harm the country in all way.
As Quaid, had said that the “future of Pakistan depends on Youth” and if our youth will in such way, so how this country will progress”.
Although Pakistan is in hands of corrupt politicians but still we can hope for the better future of Pakistan in all way. Youth should stand for their rights. They have to raise their voices against injustice but according to the rule of law.
Pakistan future will be bright; the only thing is that we have to understand the true meaning of Independence, Patriotism. That time is not far when the country will be free from corrupt politicians. Pakistan will soon be included in the raw of progressive country but for that we have to stand and work together for achieving our goals.
May God bless Pakistan and keep protecting it form harm.

Ishtiaq Baig Man Behind Make-A-Wish Foundation …. Giving Hope, Strength and Joy

Make a Wish Foundation will expand its activities to Punjab and other cities of Pakistan shortly so that each terminally ill child can be benefitted.
This was stated by


Founding President of the MAW Foundation Pakistan while exclusively talking to nayyab sarhandi.
He said “The main objective of the MAW Pakistan is to enter into the terminally child’s life and bring magic and joy to them”. We know we cannot add days to their life but we certainly can add life to their days”.
It’s an affiliate member country of MAWFI and dedicated to granting the most cherished wishes of the terminally ill children in Pakistan. While replying to a question that how this foundation was formed he informed that ”On a business trip to USA I came to know about the organization, I read about it and very touched by the unique work the organization is doing. Through my untiring efforts I have convince the higher officials of MAW Foundation to grant affiliation to Pakistan. It took me three years and many trips to USA to motivate them and at the end I was successful. MAW Pakistan became the 33rd Affiliate country”. He further said that the foundation have so far granted more than 100 wishes including the wishes of two terminally ill Children who wanted to see the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan.
While informing about the children wishes he said “As compared to the wishes of the children of European and American countries which cost them about US$10,000 per wish, the wishes of our Pakistani terminally ill children are very small such as having TV. Mobile, Bicycle, new clothes, birthday parties. Some children also wishes to meet their favourite celebrities like Javed Miandad, Humayoun Saeed, Omar Sharif etc”.
While replying to the question that how you come to know about children wishes he lauded the efforts of volunteers, he said “More than 50 active volunteers of all age group under the policy of MAWFI, visits different hospitals to identify the wish children and also these children are referred to us by the Hospital.”
“Ishtiaq further revealed that organization relies on the generosity of
individuals, organizations and corporations to fund our mission. We also request individual person to adopt the wishes of the wish children posted on our website”.
He thanked all member s of MAW Foundation including Mr Saeed- uz -Zaman Siddiqui,Former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Dr Pirzada Qasim, Mr S M Muneer, Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Mr Yasin Malik, Dr Faiz Muhammad, Haji Masood Parekh and others and has said that without their support this journey would not be possible.
Ishtaiq asked all philanthropists to kindly join hands with MAW to grant the wishes of many terminally children whose wishes are yet fulfilled by MAW. From the magic and power of having their most cherished wish granted, these children are given hope, strength and much joy.



United Nation officials report stated that Pakistan will need billions of dollars to recover from its worst floods in history, further straining an economy already dependent on foreign aid to prop it up and back its war against terrorism. At least 1.6 million people have been affected, 84,000 homes have been destroyed that left up to 500,000 people homeless. Over 2 million people in Punjab had been displaced, while 500,000 houses have been washed away. Today the warning have been issued in Muzaffargarh for the very first time by the government for evacuation and if these people were not evacuated then 4 Lacs more people will be affected. The recent prediction by Met department has warned that heavy downpour/ thunderstorms/ and flood is expected in Karachi, Hyderabad and Urban areas. It seems like whole Pakistan will be affected by flood. The flood devastating situation is raising fingers on metrological department which works under Ministry of Defense. If such kind of flood was expected so why the department had not issued any warning to the areas which can were expected to be worst hit areas. Why no arrangements were done for evacuation of people from dangerous places. Now this discussion is useless now we have to estimate the exact loss and damages made due to the worst flood in the history of Pakistan.
Summary of Damages and Losses
Balochistan KP Punjab Sindh AJK GB Total

Deaths 24 919 55 1 63 63 1,125

Injured 98 836 140 1 72 50 1,197

Houses damaged 19,604 156,934 83,584 7,398 3,454 1,105 272,079

Summary of relief provided as of August 7, 2010

Balochistan KP Punjab Sindh AJK GB Total

Tents 7,750 30,700 14,007 6,924 1,600 1,920 62,901

Blankets 4,800 8,000 5,000 2,090 4,000 7,000 30,890

Plastic Mats 15,400 10,000 18,400 17,000 2,000 2,035 64,835

Rations Packs 15,000 0 0 20,000 0 0 35,000

Generators 4 0 10 10 2 0 26

Cooked Meals 0 84,000 32,000 0 0 0 116,000

De-watering Pumps 0 29 20 20 0 0 69

Medical Teams 28 70 0 2 0 0 100

Relief Camps 0 166 0 0 0 2 168

Financial Support 0 21 m 0 0 0 0 21 million

Helicopters used 3 23 4 8 0 3 41

Boats Available 0 150 205 165 0 0 520

Persons Rescued 0 33,500 42,136 104,001 0 70 179,707

Pledges and aid by countries/donors/ local private sector

Country / Donor Cash In-kind

USA $ 35 million MREs: 438,000; Zoadic boats: 4; Water purification plants: 4

UK $ 32 million

China $ 3 million Tents: 1,000; Generators: 50; Water purification plants: 6

UN $ 10 million

EU € 30 million

South Korea 0 $ 0.5 million

Japan $ 3 million $ 0.23 million

Australia $(Aus) 3 million

Italy 0 Jerry canes: 3,000; Water tanks: 5; Water filtration plants: 6

Saudi Arabia One-day salary Food Items: 2 aircrafts

of Embassy staff

Indonesia 0 Food Items: 60 tons

Qatar 0 Food: 17 tons, Medicines: 17 tons, Food packets: 1150, Blankets: 1000

Turkey 0 Sleeping bags: 1500, Mats: 1200, Kitchen sets: 420

Spain 0 Tents: 94; Kitchen sets: 720; Hygiene kits: 552

Thailand $75,000

Canada $ 2 million

Turkish Red Cross 0 Food Items, Kitchen utensils, Blankets, Sleeping bags, Foam beds

Norway $ 5 million

Denmark $ 2.08 million

Netherlands $ 1.3 million

Afghanistan 0 Helicopters: 4

Pak Army One-day salary

Behria Town 0 Daily food to over 40,000, mobile hospital, medicines, 25 trucks of flour

Punjab Government 0 100 trucks of food, clean drinking water

PCRWR 0 Water filtration plans

Pak Tobacco Company 0 Medicines to prevent typhoid for 10,000 people

PRCS $ 29 million Food for 56,000 people

UNHCR $250,000

Jamaat-e-Islami 0 Relief camp established with Rs.100,000 in Potohar Town

Punjab Cabinet One-day salary
Musharraf donates Rs 10 million for flood affectees

Individual efforts: Relief camps set in all areas for collecting funds for flood victims.


Pakistan is in grip of natural calamities. Almost half of the country is inundated in flood water, million of people have been rendered homeless, thousands of people are waiting for food, and no help and support have been provided to the victims by the government. So in this situation the question arises that where this aid and relief goods are going if not being used for the relief of the victims. Speculations are roaring that government is misusing the aid money as it was done in earthquake of 2005 as no benefit and support were provided to the affectees.
Now the people do not rely on government. The country is drowning and in this situation the President is not in the country, he is enjoying his luxurious visits on nation money along with his kids enjoying life. Conducting personal business meeting on the name of official visit, spending thousands of dollars on his luxurious stay in expensive suits.
Pakistani nation is ashamed of his President. Heaven would not have fallen if he had cancelled his visit and had travelled to flood affected areas.
Zardari is facing criticism from all over the world even foreign newspapers and media are stunned on President of Pakistan ruthless behaviors for his nation.
Criticizing his foreign visit in this crucial time where he should be in his country with his people.
The anger was shown in Birmingham rally by Pakistani community shoe was thrown by a Pakistani but luckily he was saved. But this act had confirmed anger and hared against the President.
When Pakistani media aired the shoe hurling news the government start acting in a criminal way. On Zardari’s order PPP activists start targeting journalist, the channels was blocked all over the country by PEMRA, newspapers were set on fire which print the news about shoe throwing incident.
But PPP government is not aware that they can only put restriction on Pakistani media but they can not stop the circulation of such news internationally and through wire service all around the world.
When shoe was thrown on Bush he didn’t do such act and did not blocked the media. So why such acts are seen in Pakistan where we claim that we are living in a democratic state under the leadership of democratic government.
PPP government a so called government has failed in all way and Pakistan do not need such useless government any more. After blocking the news channels and harsh and cruel attitude of PPP Jialas hatred against Zardari has reached to uncontrollable level.
Now Pakistani need change and government who act like government who protect its people in all way instead of spending nation money on luxurious and useless visits.
Now its time that instead of depending on so called democratic government for help we should stand for bringing change in lives of flood victims for their help and support., Its time to revive the spirit of 2005 earthquake in which we all Pakistanis stood as one nation for the support of our people.

US Officials visits Women Chamber of Commerce

Begum Salma Ahmed, Founder President and C.E.O Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry arranged a gathering of women entrepreneurs in honor of Elizabeth O’ Colton, Acting US Consul General at Women Chambers office last week but she could not make it and in her place US Consulate Officers Susan, Officer Cultural Affairs and Andrea DeArment Information Officer US Consulate attended the function.
Begum Salma Ahmed briefed the guests about the work of women entrepreneurs and asked them to facilitate their visits to the US to market their products.
After hearing the queries both the US officials appreciated the efforts of the women entrepreneurs. Andrea DeArment lauded the enthusiasm shown by the participants to explore US market for their business and assured them that they try to facilitate their access to US markets.
Well known women entrepreneurs and member of WCCI appreciated the event as it was the first interaction with any embassy officials.
Members WCCI, Fareeda Qureshi, Fouzia Mehtab, Seema Tahir Khan, Begum Salma Murad, Dr Farah Farooqui, Farzana Rehman, Shahida Abbasi, Charmine Hidayatullah, Mehreen Illahi, Atiya Nawazish and others attended the event.
Lastly, women entrepreneurs called upon all sections of the society especially business community and media to extend their full support to them. They also presented their products to US representatives.